Atlanta Startups List

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Young and energetic city with incredible transportation connections.
Atlanta is a great place for consumer E-Commerce! We like to say "git r done".

Meet 1727 entepreneurs, makers, and investors based in Atlanta

ID 39925

Harry Weller


General Partner at @new-enterprise-associates leading seed & early stage. Chairman of @harvard University Experiment Fund. Forbes Midas List.

ID 19986

Obie Fernandez

CTO of @javelin. Previously Founded @hashrocket (sold); Author of "The Rails Way"; 17 yrs pro software development experience

ID 7067

Allen Nance


Investor @springbot, @whatcounts • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 901

Wayt King


Founder N2 Broadband; Attorney @atlanta Tech Village and Atlanta startups; Investor @Last Minute Tee Times; Studied @georgia Tech and @UGA Law

ID 763

Dj Patel

Investor & Entrepreneur. Investor @graphicly, @republic-project, @soldsie ,@dailycred , @supplyhog

ID 327649

Stefan Koenig


Co- Founder @hull • Worked at @sap • Investor @adsnative, @kato, @shopventory

ID 78612

Michael Seneadza

Technologist & serial entrepreneur. Former PW IT consultant. Clients included Mirant, Williams Energy, Coke, Disney, Turner. BSEE from @stanford-university University.

ID 131400

Knox Massey


Managing partner of family partnership/Author of 2013 @invest-georgia $100M state-based VC program & 2013 Georgia Angel Tax Credit/ Founder of the Georgia Crowdfunding Investor Group, past Executive Director of Atlanta Technology Angels

ID 9337

Thomas Cornelius


Creator of @cashtie , SVP InComm, Founder @adility-acquired-by-incomm, Founder @addashop-com, focused on online to offline commerce.

ID 166052

Andrew Ibbotson

Founder @digital-assent, @synthis-corporation • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 423610

Jon Gordon


Running a small corporate media production company. MBA, JD.

ID 175218

Jon Hallett


Worked at @bettercloud-1, @cloud-sherpas • Investor @bettercloud-1, @cloud-sherpas • Studied at @lehigh-university

ID 386681

John Fanguy


Founder Engagiant • Worked at @bizspeed, @airside-mobile • Investor @airside-mobile, @bizspeed • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 95929

Paul Ollinger


President at @shift-3. @facebook alum. Speaker/Advisor on things social. Writer.

ID 33023

Brian Cayce


Principal, Gray Ghost Ventures

ID 429963

Jimmy Liu


Founded of JKMAX Inc

ID 148822

Raj Choudhury


Founder @spunlogic • Worked at @engauge • Investor @perfectpost, @socialq, @cooleaf • Studied at @kingston-university-london

ID 93700

Ross Baird


Executive Director, Village Capital

ID 39079

Jason Seats


Managing Director @techstars • Co-founder @slicehost (acq by @rackspace)

ID 89215

Paul Judge


Inventor, Entrepreneur, Investor. Currently Chief Research Officer of Barracuda Networks. Previously CTO of @purewire, Secure Computing and @ciphertrust.

ID 4376

Tim Jones

Investor in @buzzient. Founder and CEO of @buzzient. Founder and Managing Principal of @tbj-investments, LLC. Early investor in mobile and social innovation.

ID 147013

Naveed Lalani

Founder & CEO @portable-boutique-inc, Advisor @thiel-fellowship. Formerly - CSO @donornation , Co-Founder @rally, Investor (Acquired by Facebook).

ID 107839

Matt Liotta


High-tech Farmer

ID 7892

Sam Zebarjadi


Co-founder of @medicast, mentor @500startups & two other accelerators, startup advisor, angel. Past: Chief Architect @nokia, @sprint, @jpmorgan-chase.

ID 440097

Stephen Fleming


Former engineer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and now angel investor. Day job: connecting Georgia Tech brainpower to the economy of Georgia and beyond.

ID 119611

Nicholas (Nick) Thomas


Founder @finicity-1 , @nordmark-group • Worked at @3com, @USRobotics, @Megahertz • Investor @visually, @circa, @myrooms • Studied at @BYU, @UofU

ID 90785

Sanjay Parekh


Founder of Startup Riot. Previously founded Digital Envoy.

ID 16284

Court Coursey


ID 135819

Ken Singer


Director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, UC Berkeley. Co-Founder of AppCentral (acq. Good Technology)

ID 149098

Jamie Hamilton


Managing Director BIP Early Stage Fund Founder of Hamilton Ventures LLC

ID 2310

Allen Graber


Tech entrepreneur and investor. Blogs about @facebook commerce, @fcommcercenews. Stays caffeinaited as co-owner of new Octane Coffee Pocket Bar.

ID 9141

Aaron Houghton


Co-founder and CEO @boostsuite. Co-founder and Chairman at @icontact

ID 5216

Sig Mosley


Mgr. Partner, Flashpoint & MosleyVentures; President, @imlay-investments. MSA (Acq: @dun-bradstreet), ISS (Acq: IBM), Witness Systems (IPO)

ID 1099

Ashish Mistry


Founder @virtex-networks • Worked at @leapfrog, @airdefense • Studied at @emory-university

ID 89554

Kurt Heinrich

Founder eCommHub • Studied at Georgia Institute of Technology

ID 11126

Ron Williams


Founder of open virtual currency Zeevex, angel investor, prognosticating pontificator

ID 8529

Rob Kischuk

@perfectpost Founder & CEO, Atlanta Startup Junkie, Husband, Dad, Jesus Follower

ID 169680

Mike Zelnick


Passion for ASIC Design, Tech startups and all Boston sports.

ID 35916

Chris Sprague

CEO and Co-Founder of @openstudy. Valley startup experience. BS @stanford-university University Symbolic Systems (HCI). MS Computer Science @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 47682

Rosalyn Lemieux

CEO of Good+Geek, maker of Co-founding partner, Fission Strategy. Served as ED of the New Organizing Institute. Worked at MoveOn. Tech: PHP/mySQL

ID 398952

Nick Strachan


Originally from Georgia, transplanted to Chico to join

ID 323706

Roger Pincombe

Co-founder of @augur. Ex-Microsoftie, ex-Yahoo, former professional hackathonner. Chronic inventor, learner, boundary-pusher.

ID 988

Bob Pattillo


invested in seed round

ID 12074

Andrew Watson

Founder @othernum • Director of Engineering @ionic-security • Worked at @twilio • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @florida-state-university

ID 223870

Shobhan Thakkar


Former Biglaw, Big4, GC and Executive. Assisted in sale of Weather Central to Weather Channel; 1st Place in WI Business Plan Contest-IT Category. MACC and JD.

ID 4818

John Hardman


Angel Investor

ID 126313

Matthew Perry

Sales & Marketing Project Manager,PeachDish. Yelp, Senior Account Executive. Frobot, Co-Founder. Georgia Tech, College of Business. Marketing/Sales Background.

ID 80016

Jeff Hilimire


CEO and co-founder of Dragon Army. Mentor at Flashpoint (GA Tech startup fund). Interests: social media/marketing, tech, startups, entrepreneurship.

ID 73599

Mark Clayton Hand


I co-founded the Saïd Business School Seed Fund, which invests @university-of-oxford startups. I'm also interested in Latino-focused startups in the US.

ID 454474

Rajesh Rajasekar


Founder & CEO @niche-video-media • Worked at @deloitte-touche, @pricewaterhousecoopers-1 • Investor @freshdesk, @frilp-friends-help • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 2485

Gordon Rogers


Founded Meliora Sys (e-learning co. Sold to Vulcan), investor in beBetter Health, Excelegrade, Flashpoint, Mentor @ Ga.Tech. 151 Locust St incubator.

ID 35349

Vic Gatto


entrepreneur turned VC. Interested in learning about seed / early stage deals & evergreen funds.

ID 32851

Eugene Medynskiy

Director of Product Management at @tillster-inc.

ID 61977

Ed Rieker


Founder/co-founder/CEO of five startups, sold four - three acquired by public companies. Owner/operator @151-locust - coworking/incubator space, seed fund

ID 54952

Deacon Johnson

Dad, entrepreneur, @pixelgarde founder. Worked at @intel, @divx and Musicmatch/Yahoo!

ID 173452

Jen Gordon

UI/UX Designer • Founder Convert Themes • Worked at @yahoo & @wedmd • Studied at @art-institute-of-atlanta

ID 65098

Juan Pablo Gnecco


Founder @movl. Founder & CEO@Studiocom (98-2010) sold to WPP. Founder@Colombianitos Non-Profit (2001-) Head Creative@iXL (96-98) Founder@Imagen Digital (88-95)

ID 279

Damion Hankejh


Investor, Intellectual Property Guru, Smithsonian Laureate CTO at @Majestyk -- founder @instantservice (now Oracle), VirtualOR (now Swedish Medical) --

ID 162260

Scott Rocher

Director of Engineering at @blue-bottle-coffee. Prior to acquisition, he was the CTO at @tonx-coffee. Former @yahoo. In a past life co-founded FitReview and BitsyBox. Road cyclist, diver, and lover of coffee.

ID 44691

Hemang Subramanian

Worked at @yahoo, @ibm-software-labs • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 77346

David Cummings


CEO of @kevy

ID 228477

Lisa Calhoun


CEO @write2market, 1st start up in high school, 2nd Place National Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Ranked among Top 100 Agencies in U.S. 2013, Past President, EO ATL

ID 358401

David Spitzler 

Biz dev exec, 20 years experience in start ups. Co-founded web tools company, sold to Adobe. Worked at NeXT for 5 years. Joined 3 other early stage companies.

ID 153378

Rhonda Lowry

VP of Emerging Social Web Technologies for @turner-broadcasting Develop and shape key areas of technology and business strategy attendant to: the social web, enterprise collaboration, discovery, audience sociology and context-aware technologies

ID 224600

Ajai Karthikeyan

Georgia Tech Grad; Interned at Twilio and Turner; Strong technical/product evangelism skills; Programmer; Started the GT Entrepreneurs club and a magazine.

ID 542046

Yash Shah


ID 24538

Robert Pease


VP Product Marketing at @salesfusion, former CEO of @loopfuse (marketing automation, sold to Salesfusion), founder of @nearstream (social signals and analytics, merged with LoopFuse), formerly exec team at @gist (social CRM, sold to Blackberry), Solver of

ID 56437

James Harris

Deep thinker, Southern foodie & family man. Interactive lead @turner-broadcasting , project manager @ixl, CEO @Elemental Interactive , sold to @wpp Group

ID 1316

Bill Wade


CEO of Prior businesses include Network 1, Verus Payment Solutions, Gaming Network Solutions. Invested in various social, payment, & mobile cos.

ID 68261

Jeremy Almond


CEO @paystand • Occasional Investor • Previously: Architect @Veeco (Nasdaq), Engineer @ DI (Acquired), +3 startups • Studied: Comp Engineering @university-of-california-santa-barbara, MBA @UMASS.

ID 86090

Kristen H. Rachels

Marketing Executive with experience working in technology, mobile, hospitality, media, sports, and non-profits in the B2B and B2C environments.

ID 126084

Adam Wexler

founder / chief strategy officer @insightpool founder / chief evangelist officer @gorankem (1st startup to ever successfully raise via kickstarter) @university-of-georgia BBA

ID 218663


Product Designer

ID 151382

Will Hankinson

Rubyist, game developer, web & mobile tinkerer. Experience at high scale, both with sql and nosql. I like to build things.

ID 410672

Michael Cohn


Co-founder of @cloud-sherpas. Investor in @bettercloud-1 @salesfusion @cloudtags-1 @campus-bubble

ID 79442

Rick Myers

Founder/CEO Talent Zoo, Co-Founder Strongbox West

ID 136417

Jared Heyman


Founder @crowdmed (YC W13). Founded @Infosurv, grew to $20M in cumulative revenue. 15 year entrepreneur. Consultant @bain-company. Inc. magazine cover boy.

ID 148217

Raghu Kakarala


involved in online marketing automation as an investor as well as being CTO of Engauge

ID 159018

Pranay Srinivasan

Founder/CEO, @sourceasy Apparel / Textiles / Sales / Mfg / Supply Chain. @startup-leadership MUM'13 #500Strong

ID 121904

Patrick J. Bradley Founder @SoSoSwift @feistie • Worked at @perceptual-networks, @oracle-corporation

ID 116948

Chad DePue


Founder of @inaka • CTO of @whisper, worked @Visto/Good, @microsoft • Studied at @AU

ID 7470

Eric Martindale

Relentless Maker at @bitpay. Founded @coursefork, @localsense, and @roleplaygateway, former Chief Software Architect at @mirascape.

ID 96664

Tony Elliott

Founder @the-reservation-network, @tax-time • Studied at @university-of-phoenix, @new-york-city-college-of-technology

ID 21152

Glenn McGonnigle


Investor in @vocalocity, @kabbage, @damballa, @overture-networks, @immunet-corporation, @qcept-technologies, @officearrow, @kaneva, @idology, @broad-source...

ID 301189

Clay Garrett

Lead Engineer at Meograph and Georgia Tech grad with 15 years of experience in interactive industry.

ID 101839

Chris Lyons

Deputy Chief of Staff at Andreessen Horowitz

ID 581

Jason Caplain


GP at Bull City Venture Partners, Board member at Etix, ReverbNation and Zift Solutions.

ID 104998

Benjamin A. Cohen

CEO @tohl. Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Engineer, and Value Investor. Studied at Georgia Institute of Technology. Life is too good!!

ID 72260

Tim Dorr

Cofounder of @salesloft. Formerly of @a-small-orange, @ignition-alley, @atdc, and @army-of-bees. @flashpoint-at-georgia-tech alum.

ID 74283

Mike VanBeneden

Mobile & Cloud Software Architect

ID 290860

Jo Albright

Lead iOS Developer @highfive @nike-accelerator with @techstars

ID 18549

Harri Hursti


Co-Founder EUnet (Finland), acquired by Qwest, Co-founder ROMmon, acquired by F-secure PLC

ID 10179

Marshall Seese, Jr.

Founder & CEO of @mowgli Games. Previously founded BCLS Legal, and former General Counsel of North Highland. Strong music, technology, business, and legal skills

ID 365026

Matthew Sellers

currently @brightwhistle. Formerly @ Vitrue (acquired by Oracle in May 2012).

ID 321695

Jose Dunia

MS in Digital Arts & Sciences at UF, Bachelor Computer Engineering at USB, Worked at Grooveshark and co-founder at Powerdot

ID 25239

Sarwar Bhuiyan

Founder Cooleaf • Worked at @ibm, @mckesson • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 1281

Stuart Rench

Serial entrepreneur, currently CEO at @ihiji. @georgia-institute-of-technology graduate. Bootstrapped and sold first company.

ID 105121

Palaniswamy Rajan


Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor

ID 148478

Kurt Uhlir


CEO & co-founder @sideqik • I manage, advise & fund disruptive companies @nokia, @navteq, @vitrue • 12 US & international patents • Certified alligator handler

ID 56476

Kyle Azevedo

CEO of @viacycle. Sustainable transportation specialist @ford-motor-company. Can leap tall LEED buildings in a single bound. MSME from @georgia-institute-of-technology.

ID 25229

Prem Bhatia

Founder Cooleaf • Worked at @american-express, @mckesson • Studied at @emory-university, @george-washington-university

ID 277501

Yuriy Romaniw

Founder and Hardware Engineer @viacycle • BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 80344

Johnson Cook


CEO @voxa-2. Director @atlanta-tech-village. Partner @atlanta-ventures • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 60154

Kyle Porter

CEO/Founder @salesloft • Early at @nanolumens, @ehire-com , @techstars-1 Boulder 2012 & Co-Creator of B2BCamp

ID 165352

Yousef Osman


Founder @overc-studios Founder @coincad • Investor @roominate, Investor @buckandspitz Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 127998

Akhil Anumolu

eCommerce Marketing, Principal Marketing Specialist @symantec Former Marketing Manager @play-i, Former Sr. Analyst @symantec, @university-of-georgia Alum

ID 2732

Michael Maniscalco

Passionate Entrepreneur. Co-founded and actively growing @ihiji. Previously co-founded & sold a high end home automation firm. @georgia-institute-of-technology Computer Science.

ID 131442

Lance Weatherby


I build Internet companies. @ncrowd, @halfoffdepot, @ciphertrust, @earthlink, @mindspring

ID 421577

Robert Alix

Worked at @perfectpost • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 131420

Antonio Salazar Cardozo

Director of Engineering at @openstudy. Lift Committer. Multi-national Swiss Army Knife. But not a Swiss national.

ID 175133

Conor Sen


Demographics and data junkie. Finance/politics. Optimist. Shameless Atlanta booster. Interested in urban planning.

ID 6563

Jesse Altman

I saw the open window, knew it was about to close, so I jumped through it.

ID 251455

William King

ID 42365

Kenneth Wyche

Founder of @glittergates-corp, The go to business guy. Over 20 yrs investing in start-up companies. Advisor, Investor, Deep Thinker from beginning to the end.

ID 122723

Nawar Alsafar

Founded Augur. Autodidactic Hacker.

ID 36916

Chris Halaschek

CTO & Co-Founder at @voxa-2. Comp. Sci. PhD, Univ. of MD

ID 495716

Alison Valentinsen


Finance Director @spanx, Founder @ivykline-properties, Board member Girls on the Run Atlanta • Previous: Newell Rubbermaid, @bank-of-america, Duke Energy, Delhaize Group • Studied at @georgia-southern-university

ID 53161

Karen Robinson Cope


CEO of 5 Technology and Media early stage companies over last 20 years: raised over $60 Million as CEO: Most recently - sold media company to Toronto public co

ID 195775

Adam Lee

Founder @bohemian-guitars • Worked at @world-travel-partners-bcd-travel • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 131556

Blake Patton

General Manager at ATDC

ID 133883

Ashley Elsner

VP Operations of Greenshoe. JD/MBA candidate Kellogg-Northwestern.

ID 42724

Shaun King

Founder & Former Creative Director of @upfront-2; Founded & Sold @twitchange (Arenda Capital); 2010 Mashable Award Winner for Most Creative Social Good Campaign

ID 242708

Daniel Sims

@perfectpost • Studied @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 144351

John Vecchio


Partner at Mosley Ventures. Co founded N2 Broadband and Clearleap. Strong software engineering background

ID 134842

Frank Bishop


Advisory Board at Kabbage, Inc

ID 133961

Matt Farmer

Scala Software Engineer. Graduate of the University of Georgia. Worked at Elemica, OpenStudy, and Anchor Tab.

ID 239466

Shaun Lee

Founder @bohemian-guitars • Studied at University of Georgia. @500startups

ID 105748

Roger Pavane

Top revenue driver deal closer, repeated history of success leading organizations in start-up rapid growth environments for online & mobile companies.

ID 37130

Jason Shapiro

4th Generation Entrepreneur, Green Innovator

ID 387058

Keith Rinzler

Founder 1Q, @mediavehicles-a-ge-capital-company • Worked at @mindis-recycling, @innovative-restaurant-concepts • Studied at @boston-university

ID 75269

Beau King


ID 253374

Clare Martorana

Worked at @webmd, @cbshealthwatch-com

ID 430516

Chidi Afulezi

co.founder @TheCoreVentures. product guy. raising…a ruckus.

ID 63789

Brian Regienczuk

CEO/Co-Founder @agency-spotter. Former Group Director Global Design @the-coca-cola-company, @philips, @webmd. 17+ yrs Business, Tech, UX, Design.

ID 4042

Michael Price


Runs an angel fund, chairs the world's largest angel association, scouts for global companies like Georgia Pacific, has directly invested in over 35 startups, and has assisted over 260 startups in raising over $500M.

ID 59287

John McNamara

Founder & CEO of @artmatch Incorporated. Seasoned business operations leader.

ID 79833

John Saddington

Hacker. Human.

ID 280050

Trish Jones


ID 261211

Lavie Sak

Tennis fanatic and entrepreneur looking to combine tennis and technology.

ID 259956

Anne McKillips


Founded and sold three companies, served as a consultant to several other start-ups, primarily in human resources and some technology

ID 34246

Matt Luongo

Founder @card-for-coin, @scholrly. Research @insightpool, tech lead @agency-spotter. @georgia-institute-of-technology CS '09

ID 29822

Jared Malan

Co-founder of We&Co; project lead at eCommerce startup; @university-of-notre-dame grad

ID 135997

Andrew Saunders

Integrated Marketing & Content Solutions Executive at CAA (@creative-artists-agency). Featured in Wired, Fast Company and Banff Media Festival.

ID 241944

Kevin Wallace

Founder @hypepotamus & | Partner in disruption @hhyneman | Mentor @flashpoint-at-georgia-tech | #designthinking #ecommerce #startup #whitespace

ID 128035

Gerald Cannon

CEO @Ballersbridge, Business Management @morehouse-college, @startx & @Village Capital alum

ID 11978

Musaddeq Khan (MK)

Founder @verdeeco, @prominus CEO co-founder @pliant-labs Strategy and Marketing consultant @clevest-solutions @best-buy

ID 32779

Chris Carter

Founder WisePatient • Worked at @accenture, @arcapita-inc • Studied at @vanderbilt-university, @kellogg-school-of-management

ID 39006

David Eckoff

Co-founder @pickoff-sports. Previously Co-founder Spitter; VP @turner-broadcasting; Real; SVP @rivals-com; @ustream; @zazzle.

ID 85810

Joel Wooten

Entrepreneur; PhD student at @wharton-school (Innovation); Business background (Bain, Merck); @wharton-school MBA

ID 595765

Andy Pittman

Worked at @pindrop-security • Studied at @auburn-university

ID 426809

Peyton Beard

Director of BD of iMedicare & founder of an early stage sports startup. Enjoy creating new things that are disruptive and positively impact in others' lives.

ID 329652

Matthew Mooney


Angel Investor, Headhunter

ID 333241

Danny Miller

Sr Director Engineering at Ionic Security

ID 112189

Fred Pennic

Founder at HIT Consultant Media. Digital Media Strategist, Healthcare Technology Management Consultant

ID 237136

Jon Birdsong

CEO of Rivalry

ID 47723

AJ Archibald

Principal at Startup Culture. Been involved intimately with Social and Mobile Games for the last 5 years. Strong Biz Dev relationships built over the last 15yrs

ID 408646

David Kobia

Founder @ushahidi

ID 429438

Anthony Gee


Founder @the-core-venture-studio, Jhunta • Investor @navtrak • Studied at @new-york-university, @university-of-massachusetts-amherst

ID 134524

Kent Krueger

Helping Mobile Start-Ups Succeed VP Biz Dev, Sales & Distribution. Responsible distribution and all revenue activities. Took app from 700k users to 85M+ in 3 years while growing revenues 6x.

ID 61282

David Breckling


Founder @phluant, @eyewonder • Investor @phluant, @eyewonder • Studied at @kennesaw-state-university

ID 81371

Michele Joel

ID 6606

James Keith III

CMO & Co-Founder of SportsCrunch

ID 186774

Jonathan Nelson

Founder of @adproof. Worked for @icrossing @shopzilla @rentpath @hashrocket @intridea, @half-off-depot and @KauffmanTire.

ID 51961

Jesse Dyer

Founder&CEO MeetMePay, Inc, operator of We are the only social network for tickets , featuring patent pending P2P fraud proof sales technology.

ID 350159

Edward Chyau


Serial entrepreneur and investor with experience in nanotechnology, life sciences, digital media, e-commerce, engineering, and design.

ID 267509

Zennie Abraham [LION] -

Founder @sports-business-simulations, @zennie62media • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @university-of-texas-arlington

ID 287942

Borja Burgos

Founder Tutum • Worked at @capgemini, @wells-fargo • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university, @georgia-institute-of-technology, University of Hyogo

ID 134201

Jake Sorofman

Software CMO and Writer; Founding Partner at Marketlever

ID 23296

Raghav Raj Gulati

CTO at @insightpool • Founder hobMobile • Math @ University of Georgia. Ruby(Rails), javascript, clojure.

ID 160100

Nat Milburn

Founder Dragonfly Growth Partners, Inc. • Worked at @the-coca-cola-company, @cap-gemini-ernst-young-deleted

ID 337474

Al Meyers

Accomplished strategy, finance and business development executive who creates value by aligning vision, strategy and people to create business success. NYU MBA

ID 128190

Bryan Armalavage

CTO and the development muscle behind @godigex. Served as lead UI engineer at @zagster, a @techstars Boston 2012 company. FSU BS - IT 2006.

ID 62683

Michael Zuckerman

CEO & Founder

ID 40026

Richard S Saban


Private Investor, Adviser, Mentor, Entrepreneur, and Brain Cancer Survivor-GBM. Over 20 yrs experience as a CIO & COO in the Retail Industry. Bridging the Gap!

ID 105776

Travis Horsley

Director of Business Development @tohl / @georgia-institute-of-technology-1 MS in Public Policy / Innovator / Entrepreneur / inventor / #water / #naturalresources

ID 429195

Jay Wa

CEO of @setmeup

ID 111498

Ed Thomas

Entrepreneur/general management pro. Bain & Company, multiple startups. Duke Undergrad/Stanford MBA

ID 258897

Claire Cadena

Boston College MBA 2013, former Media Maven for LevelUp's Business Development & Strategy team. Looking to make marketing magic with an Atlanta startup

ID 38547

Nir Levy

@xerox Award Winner in Innovation in Information Technology. @emory-university Goizueta alum (Venture Finance). Co-Founder & President, @campus-bubble.

ID 226110

Ethan Andrews

Founder @boxy | Young Entrepreneur | Product Manager | UI/UX Specialist | Internet Marketing

ID 11892

David Aferiat


Founded Trade Ideas LLC.

ID 321345

Egos Ventures

CEO Egos Ventures. Creator of Cycloramic. Strong business, technical and mechanical background. Masters in Computer Science, Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering

ID 68307

Karen Rands

Advised over 300 companies on business strategy and access to capital since 2001- Compassionate Capitalist, Micro-Economist, Investment Banker,

ID 239303

Alex Meadow

Management Science and Entrepreneurship student at Vanderbilt University

ID 361617

Peter Micheal Lacey-Bordeaux

Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, focused on psychology and artificial intelligence. I love learning new languages and paradigms

ID 80201

Sean Claire

Business Development- Marketing Software.

ID 106566

Marc Minotto


Co-founder of SaaS Company focused on Healthcare Market.

ID 519361

Alain Sergile

Worked at @ionic-security, @internet-security-systems

ID 429150

Michael McCord

Founder @learnernation-1

ID 490720

Manny Blum

Radiophonic Oddity. Nomad Developer. Living Life in Mono. Retro futurist. If your life had a face I would punch it. I am an Ion.

ID 51566

Myron McDaniel

Owner, Liquid Marketing

ID 212878

John Ohrenberger

Sales professional, 4 years startup experience, new product launch and business development experience

ID 109356

Dan Kehoe


Founder & CEO of Zobee. Two prior technology exits. Patented, award winning technology.

ID 552649

Jessica Jordan

Emory University (14), BA - Psychology, TCCC intern 2013, Insightpool Intern 2012.

ID 244657

James Coleman

Worked at @flashpoint-at-georgia-tech • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 119835

Christien Louviere

Selling conceptual products since 1991. Working for Anametrix and the on the board for 2 startups. Member of the LLS-Atlanta board to fund cancer R&D.

ID 35197

Tim Cook

Founder Institute Founder, Serial entrepreneur that is making a difference in the world.

ID 175547

Eric Vong

Founder @soapbox-soaps • Worked at @ibm-global-business-services • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 241836

Scott Henderson

Executive Director of Hypepotamus • Creator of collaborative initiatives for P&G, United Nations, Mashable, Startup America Partnership and SXSW Interactive.

ID 51298

Scott Lockhart

Cofounder - @regator; CTO of $4.8Bn real estate company; Has worked at Wells Fargo, Wachovia, RE/MAX, Trader Publishing. Former Firefighter/EMT

ID 628605

Chris Credendino

Director of Communications at @im5

ID 67756

Marcy Capron

Partner/CEO: @polymathic We build products for nontech entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. I live for: Logan Sq, DIY/interior design, planning stuff, & heavy beats.

ID 163972

Heath Hyneman

startups are fun ... co-founded in '04 + @hypepotamus in '12 with @kevinbwallace ... mentor @FlashpointGT ... all things consumer web

ID 100296

Alex Shoer

Founder of @seeder-cc, e8 Resources and @appjamm. Board member at Creative Word and Image and US-China Yachting. China Accelerator & Start-up Chile graduate.

ID 18168

Dave McMurtry

SVP Strategy at Habitat for Humanity. Former CEO @loomia, Dir Corp Dev / M&A at @intuit

ID 25674

Ross Rankin

Experienced Technology executive, 20 year vet, three time founder, BS in CS and MBA from GA Tech

ID 415234

Ashley Hinds

Worked at @synapp-io • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 187323

James Rundquist

Founder of CourseShark • Studied Computer Science at @georgia-institute-of-technology-1

ID 275654

Tripp Cox

Founder Illuminate360 • Worked at @earthlink, @damballa

ID 99685

Mike Schinkel

CEO of NewClarity; Manages WordPress Plugin Lifecycle for SaaS Vendors; Founder & former CEO of Inc 500 company; Former partner at IgnitionAlley coworking.

ID 185527

Bradley Kirkland


Founder @stone-soup-technology-llc, @bradleykirkland-com • Worked at @downtown-magazine-nyc

ID 373826

Jacob Hess

Co-Founder @checkaction Air Force vet, IT Engineer, and Entrepreneur. Technical background, multiple businesses.

ID 600867

Rodrigo Belmonte

US Country Manager at @nativead Success-driven digital, sales, and marketing professional offering large work experience in progressively senior assignments with proficiency in international business. IESE Business School.

ID 107247

Alec Manfre

Engineer from @georgia-institute-of-technology; Experience in Smart Grid, microelectronics, and human centered design. Front-end developer, with experience in ZigBee networking.

ID 259213

Jesse Lindsley

Founder/CEO @thrust-interactive (2004-present) an established game/app design and development company with over 100+ products launched.

ID 419677

Tremain McGlown

Founder Blank Slate • Worked at @sideqik, @virtual-premise • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 84235

Jay Cranman

VP with Civic Incubator at Points of Light. Strong strategy & tech background (@accenture + @spherion). Co-founder of @fuse-corps & @civic-accelerator.

ID 163725

Jan Sauer

Successful global business builder with millions of dollars generated in sales. Founder & CEO @TimeGrabapp, Managing Director of @katapult group • Worked at @trade-commission-of-denmark • Studied at @harvard-business-school School, Georgia Institute of Te

ID 171741

Kelley Boothe

Cofounder, CEO @southernalpha. Design at Global Editor's Network. Studied @western-kentucky-university

ID 254543

Janet Tambasco

Co-Founder of @zpm-espresso . Molecular Biology @princeton-university. Atlanta native. Crowdfunding veteran.

ID 564020

Sam Johnston

Worked at @Coogle, @equinix & @citrix • Founded various tech startups • Studied at @unsw • Lived in AU, US, IE, FR & CH

ID 58064

Lauren Miller

Co-founder & CEO of @excelegrade. McKinsey, Teach for America. Harvard Business School MBA 2012.

ID 82756

Howard Hamilton

Founder @soccermetrics-research • Studied at Georgia Institute of Technology, @stanford-university

ID 377989

Katie Case

Marketing Manager at @sideqik • Studied at @university-of-georgia, @university-of-central-florida MBA

ID 466847

Gerry Benjamin


Founded Atlanta Equity Investors, LLC (8/07); Served as Managing Director & Head of Investment Banking for Navigant Capital Advisors, LLC the broker dealer subsidiary of Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NYSE:NCI) (4/2005-12/07); Served as Senior Managing Direct

ID 28798

Tom Klein

CEO at @rately-shopper-app and Digital Scientists

ID 523660

Gareth Genner

Serial Entrepreneur. Lawyer and Economist. Founder @edevate, @moocdom • @mycloud @cloudworking Studied at @stanford-university, @georgia-institute-of-technology @emory-university

ID 118682

Matt McKee

Founder and CEO @roar 4th startup with a background as a pastor and focused on non-profits leveraging technology.

ID 34376

Corbin Pon

Co-Founder of Card For Coin. Worked at Lockheed Martin; Studied CS at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 314719

James Yancey

Founder and CEO of CloudTags, optimizing brick and mortar stores like digital. Managing Director @360i, Managing Director @ignitionone-com Founder of

ID 212019

Syed Haider

Founder PayApp • Worked at @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted, @verizon-wireless, @isis Solid mobile technology, app development, and user payments experience. Patents in mobile.

ID 14435

T. Carlton Lewis

CEO and Co-Founder

ID 305783

Stilian Shishkov

CEO of Sportal Media Group, Strong sports marketing background

ID 71945

Michael Mooney

Relationship Management Professional seeking his next role

ID 99338

Thomas Kjemperud

Blogger and World Traveler • Founder & Curator @startup-letters • Worked at @vungle • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @emory-university, @copenhagen-business-school

ID 146728

Susan Nicholas, MD MBA

Founder Qnova Health. Former Clinical Fellow Cardiac Surgery at @stanford-university. Exec. MBA Scholar at @emory-university. Former Pharmaceutical Chemist at Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

ID 332632

Timm Peddie


Accomplished, results-oriented product development executive

ID 72274

Nathan Jacobson

BS in Computer Science and Information Security from @georgia-institute-of-technology. Skilled in development, computer networking, security, and consulting.

ID 237192

Erin Rosintoski

Worked at @atlanta-tech-village • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @davidson-college

ID 376039

Amanda Cannan


Recovering tax accountant; Director, Internal Strategy Consulting @ibm; Past @ernst-young ; Bridge between our investments & the angels and VCs

ID 30286

Mike Ferguson

Co-Founder of Keen (@union-college College). Recurring revenue startups and e-commerce exits since college. Proven expert marketer, business development, sales, design.

ID 380585

kathryn szumowski

Launched online advertising for Verizon Wireless. Accomplished team builder and mentor. Extensive industry relationships. Advocate for digital education & literacy.

ID 104109

Gundeep Hora

Manager, Business Development at The Weather Channel; Sr. Analyst for Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner helping them understand mobile; student entrepreneur; founded 2x digital media startups; did $3M in biz dev deals in 3 mos. as junior in college; signed

ID 130061

Matthew Lynch

ME from @georgia Tech; Co founder and Chief Product Officer @bractlet; Experience in energy systems, human centered interaction design, product development and front-end web development.

ID 103532


Founder Shoppio

ID 254526

Gleb Polyakov

Founder of @zpm-espresso . Background in small business and finance. Physicist and chess player. @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 372191

Terry Kim

Founder/CEO @checkaction. Worked at Cisco as an Engineer. Strong technical and business background. Started multiple businesses.

ID 628262

Kevin Cohen

International cross-platform bus dev executive; generated $130 million at Turner Broadcasting (U.S. & Intl.); consulted for CBS Studios International; Tuck MBA

ID 297796

Amanda Garlin

HR Professional and Recruiting Consultant with 6 years of experience elevating talent and improving how things get done.

ID 266569

Clark Seydel,,

ID 401873

Chad Hagan


1st startup at 18...- now business services and investments primarily - digital, deployment and fintech expert....Law & LLM

ID 173197

Tre Baker


2006 B.S. in Engineering Science from Vanderbilt University, 2008 MBA from Harvard University. Strong business development experience with startups.

ID 433221

Atlanta Technology Angels


Atlanta Technology Angels (ATA) is one of the nation’s top angel investment groups.

ID 99889

Gary Lee

Partner, TechCXO / TechCMO. Seasoned executive who has run three global, VC-backed startups. @proven experience launching new products & companies.

ID 33068

Christopher Mance II

Co-founder of @nichevertising, former Army football player, M.S. Software Engineering, worked at @accenture & @lockheed-martin. Hybrid marketing & tech hacker.

ID 170044

Travis Turney

Co-founder, Data Science ATL

ID 512649

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ID 474065

Andrew Katz

Worked at @reachlocal-nasdaq-rloc, @thumb-friendly • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina

ID 160375

Rajesh Rajasekar

Founder @nichetrainings • Worked at @pwc-1 • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 65524

Sergey Plotnikov

Financial Analyst at Curing Capital, Inc.

ID 449898

Maxwell Ruppersburg

Founder @give-to-win-1 • Worked at @care-medical-south, @the-carter-center • Studied at @emory-university

ID 407144

Leslie Pierson


Co-Founder MEMI • Worked at @bain-company, @teach-for-america • Studied at @stanford-university, @harvard-business-school

ID 492070

Sloan McCrary

Co-Founder/CEO @e-electricity-llc 2014 MBA Graduate - University of Alabama Concentration: Strategy - Focus: Strategic Management & Marketing

ID 93680

Randy J. Mitchell

Founder + CEO @plisten NewMe Accelerator Alum 2012 Featured on: TechCrunch | HuffingtonPost

ID 476846

Michael A. Maziar

Innovation & Sustainability Enthusiast, @georgia-institute-of-technology MBA '14, Program Coordinator @lp2x an accelerator of @atlanta-technology-angels

ID 10674

Mark Lubow

CEO/Founder @423-digital. @university-of-pennsylvania 15 yr mobile vet. @diamondcluster @AT&T, @comcast, @aol , @qualcomm , @sprint , @cox-communications,

ID 5168

Chris Brisson

Co-Founder of Call Loop & Automize.

ID 84114

Mario Montag

CEO of Predikto. Driver of IT and strategic change. Strong business background in tech. @pwc & @mckinsey-company. Industrial Engineer + MBA. @FlashpointGT

ID 4622

Paul Goggin


ID 190386

Jane Okpala

Worked at @cooley, @cravath-swaine-moore-llp • Studied at @university-of-georgia, @yale-law-school

ID 226113

R.D. McNeil

Founder OT Enterprises. Former 11 year NFL All-Pro turned entrepreneur. A leading expert in sports; media (digital/print), business, lifestyle and analytics.

ID 187610

Kishore Masand

Founder @thundrlizard • Worked at @ovation-payroll (acquired by Heartland Payment Systems) • Studied at @georgia-state-university, @university-of-mumbai • TiE Atlanta

ID 71493

Taryn Crouthers

Founder of @synkup - National Ad Sales @amc-networks - New product development @AT&T

ID 477135

Fred Smith

Founder @guesthouse-hospitality, @guestlist-atlanta • Worked at @bain-company • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @university-of-florida

ID 7122

Hoyt Prisock


Serial technology entrepreneur. Master of blending product skills, business model development and market vision.

ID 357464

Priyanka Karan

MBA graduate with digtial marketing experience looking for the next great oppurtunity.

ID 88427

Mark Vaughn

Entrepreneur, netHacker, GamesMaster

ID 82860

Jeff Marmins

Founder C7group Empowering employees and customers. Improving sales and service workflow in the digital, social age.

ID 272667

Igor Zamlinsky

Co-Founder of @zpm-espresso. Mechanical Engineering @virginia-tech. Trained in additive manufacturing and robotics.

ID 81388

Jacqui Chew

Marketer, communicator & social media practitioner. Passionate about tech start-ups, innovation and a Free Press. TED fan, TEDxPeachtree co-organizer.

ID 552396

Daryl Lu

Early stage entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development for Body Boss Fitness, creative vision + excellent execution, MBA + BSIE

ID 212103

Hadi Irvani


Founder PeachDish • Worked at @okabashi

ID 124718

Lucienne Ide

CEO and Co-Founder of @rimidi-2, Physician, Scientist (PhD Pharmacology), VC Associate (@monarch-partners), Physicist (NSA/CIA). MD/PhD @emory-university. BA Physics @middlebury-college

ID 375018

Tyler Campbell

Online Marketing, UX, and Analytics expert with plenty of complimentary skills in development, research, product development, etc. Experience with international, multi-language/currency, start-ups, F500, agencies, and more.

ID 84343

Peter Saddington - CST, MDiv

Published Author, Certified Scrum Trainer and Organizaitonal Counselor // Human Optimization and Culture Change - M.A. Counseling, M.A. Education, MDiv

ID 165871

Chuck Job

Founder @mr-arlo • Worked at @fandango-com, @pose-the-fashion-app • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 195784

Lawrence Watkins

Founder @great-black-speakers • Studied at @cornell-university, @university-of-louisville

ID 397325

Chris Lexmond

Founder @Scintella Solutions • CTO @rescour • Worked at @apartment List • Studied at @georgia Tech

ID 406607

Jacob Wolf

Founder Ordinance Records • Studied at @wharton-school, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 162247

Scott Cadora

Founder Medicare Pathfinder, Studied at @duke-university, @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 437782

Peter Steger

ID 227873

Kevin Lee

Payments/FinTech CEO; VC & PE backed with successful exits; specialize in re-positioning early stage companies to high growth

ID 21695

Mohamed Abdelhafez

Currently Working at @groupon. Co-founded @wireless-stars, worked at @admob as a Senior Software Engineer, Phd Computer Engineering from Gatech

ID 63543

Jim Eckstein


Entrepreneur turned Angel; Started built and sold 4 companies; now founding to pay it forward.

ID 148066

Justin Reilly

Entrepreneur. Poet. Activist. Strategy, Product and Innovation @ArkeSystems. Formerly of @G7Labs, Qstir & IMT.

ID 182389

Dushyant Singh

Founder @clearsplit • Worked at @face-the-fans, @dominion-enterprises • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 78383

Andrew Bate

CEO of SafelyStay with travel and digital strategy background at McKinsey's Travel Practice, Sentient Jet, Razorfish. London Business School MBA, Emory BBA.

ID 69699

Marvin McTaw

- Founder of - 4 years a Co-Mng Partner @ - 4 years investment banking at JPMorgan - Univ. Valedictorian - Degrees in Finance & PoliSci

ID 152925

Eric Yu

Founder + CTO @plisten 15+ years building scalable software systems @columbia-university B.S + M.S. Computer Science Phi Beta Kappa + Summa Cum Laude

ID 120164

Larry Lawal

Founder @healthfundit. Studied @university-of-alabama-school-of-medicine. Research specialist @emory-university-1. Barry M. Goldwater Scholar.

ID 79296

Amelia Mendez

a bikelover, archi-snob, LEED AP, sci-fi geek, ATLien...

ID 460510

Dominic Francis

Co-Founder at Niche Video Media. Vast experience in software development & cloud computing. Delivered large digital media initiatives for various clients.

ID 467542

Myril Shaw

Senior Business Development, Sales And Marketing Executive; Success-driven with exceptional expertise in developing business development/sales achievement

ID 525538

Eric Hansen


Founder & CEO @mirsanicom, angel, coach, @ Yale School of Management, @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute computer science and physics, passion for consumer and AI

ID 60233

Bennie Farmer

Founder Telanon • Worked at @eaton-vorad-technologies • Studied at @wharton-school, @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 108594

Jon Birdsong

Acquiring customers by sharing value and educating the sales leaders of today and tomorrow.

ID 238425

Nikhil Rabindra

Georgia Tech CS, Music Producer. Managed community and content for 3 bands in Atlanta. Strong communication background.

ID 104434

Jeff Jahn

Founder & CEO at @dynamix (bootstrapped and profitable for 9 years), Co-Founder at @home-elephant, @dwellio and @think-app-studio.

ID 240294

David Haugabrook

Business strategy and business development specialist with broad expertise across multiple categories and disciplines. Creative, hands-on problem solver.

ID 416857

Mudassar Khattab, Pragmatic Marketing Certified

A story teller with 8 years of exp in Marketing/Sales,Software Development,Business Analysis and Management Consulting;Top-rated award winner at IBM and Accenture ;

ID 125138

Javaughn Lawrence

Entrepreneurial Yale Senior interested in summer opportunities in start-ups and VC/PE investing. interests include CPG, retail analytics, and emerging markets.

ID 186709

Jeff Griffin

ID 383017

Kevin Preis

Founder @go-see-campus @Augmental

ID 249171

Atif Bhanjee

Former corporate climber in Strategy, Finance, and Operations; now a startup co-founder. I am results-oriented and versatile. Able to see trends and find solutions.

ID 428419

Kevin McMurphy

Infrastructure, Business Development and Alliances for IT. Currently running Worked at IBM, CentricsIT, Cloud Sherpas. Georgia Tech - INTA

ID 409126

Sean Allen

High tech professional with background in business development, direct and indirect sales, sales management, operations, software development and implementation

ID 164433

Amanda L. Huttman

Analyst and thing doer @mailchimp; brow furrower since day one

ID 13354

Wen Tian

Co-Founder and CEO of SnapHop. Advised AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, Cox and Virgin Mobile. Involved in high profile projects such as Sprint/Nextel merger.

ID 447854


Marketing Strategy Leader (Coca-Cola, eBay) and Entrepreneurial Innovator

ID 479589

Angela Sun

Fast-learning, energetic marketing professional with experience in B2B lead generation, online marketing and advertising, and campaign management and execution.

ID 268580

Daniel Caplin

Proven leader, entrepenuer, E-Commerce, Social Commerce, Mobile Commerce, Operations, Strategy, Management – B2B B2C

ID 621867

Laurel Ruhlen

Data Scientist and MIT grad. I know over a dozen programming languages and can use AWS to create on-call clusters of virtual machines

ID 616563

Shaun Sharma

Founder MoonlightMed, Innovation for streamlining the matching process of exceptional medical professionals with facilities • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis, @michigan-state-university

ID 277486

Ryan Erfer

Founder at @colabination-2 • Worked at @seventysix-capital, @ubs-investment-bank

ID 138258

Matthew Stigall

Founder at @soccermetrics-research, Marketing and Sales from an analytical engineering perspective.

ID 76914

Chris Merkle

Co-founder @passo, Advisor @razur • Worked at @secureworks, @georgia-pacific • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 110157

John Edwards

CEO of @apeliotus-vision-science. Managed three prior startups with two successful exits. Raised $15M of venture and grant funding. BS/MS @massachusetts-institute-of-technology and MBA Chicago.

ID 73554

Ron Carmichael


Investor/Advisor at @sportscrunch

ID 396487

Akash Mehta

Georgia Tech, Biomedical Engineer, 2 Years Medical Device Experience in a Start Up

ID 255411

Jay Evans

Founder @ cMEcompete

ID 380482

alysia wurst

Listening intently to the opportunity and choice in each moment. Seeking to take both counsel and risk.

ID 318198

Dan Simmons

Technology enthusiast, investor, application developer, open-source contributor, fitness & nutrition addict, and finance geek.

ID 50626

Benn Konsynski

Professor Emory (prev Harvard & Arizona); PhD Computer Science-Purdue; Directors public (Harbinger, Tessco) and private (Silverpop, nuBridges, ...)

ID 348413

Morgan Spartz

ID 93715

Greg Satell

SVP Strategy and Innovation at ZenithOptimedia/Moxie Interactive

ID 17493

Chip Hogge

Partner at @AdvanceResponse. Strategy consultant. Background in private equity, venture capital, investment banking. @university-of-virginia Darden MBA 2011.

ID 510974

Robert Feagin

FSR @ 53 Bank and Suntrust. Senior Sales Assoc @ D. Lehman & Sons, Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren, & Velant. Instructor @ Kaplan. Analyst @ Stephens Inc. Stanford U.

ID 67953

Pawel Rzeczkowski

Changing the world of finance as we know it.

ID 83575

Michael B. Moore

Accomplished leader/manager w/ CPG (Coke & Kraft) & mid-mkt C Suite (CEO, CMO,VPM) experience. Chair @ Glory Foods. Board Member/Adviser. Blogger. @duke-university MBA '92

ID 55557

William LeGate

Founder @imagination-research-labs • Taught myself Objective C at 13—created over a dozen apps which are now used by 1 in 16 American teens • 2013 Thiel Fellow

ID 611105

Nick Foreste

Co-Founder of SaleHoot • Worked at @jones-day • Law and Business at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-georgia

ID 79892

Mark Travis

Cocoa programmer. Founder @fractal-rock-solutions, @foresail-technologies • Worked at @peer1, @ibm, @information-builders • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @emory-university

ID 275615

Erika Putinsky

Multi-dimensional problem solver. Expert in strategic planning/design/change management. Collaborative leader. Strong communication skills.

ID 428831

Wes Brown

Founder Rubicon, Engineering Manager, Team Builder, Software/Systems Architect, Researcher (Mosquito Lisp, SVFORTH), Speaker (Hack in the Box, Defcon, BSides)

ID 90536

John O'Brien III


Founder @540-consulting, @fed-api • Worked at @us-government • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @university-of-florida

ID 44416

Diane Bloodworth

CEO of CSA. Serial Entrepreneur and previous founder of IT process firm (BIT) that was acquired in 2003. More than 25 years experience in technology industry.

ID 565764

Spencer Boice

BCG consultant looking to transition into a start-up where his diverse skill set will enable rapid company growth.

ID 121981

Eduardo Gonzalez Loumiet, MBA, PMP

Entrepreneur, Advisor and Project Manager. Work at Uber Opearations. Co-founded BCMPros. Founded @gonzalez-loumiet-group and FuseTank.

ID 114244

Anju Mathew

CEO and Founder, @my-friend-s-lane. Co-founder, LumaMed, (medical devices) Former A.T. Kearney management consultant Manager, Strategy group, Thomson Reuters

ID 148326

Greg Roberts

Founder SIX Intel, @ramworks

ID 151849

Drew Newell

Founder @giftwhip, @loclly • Worked at @linch-capital, @stephens-inc • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 240541

Kenneth Cavagnolo, PhD

Data Scientist & Astrophysics PhD; Two-time national science fellow; Live and breath data analysis; Managing Director of affiliate in global science company.

ID 202343

Michael Mandl

A finance professional with more than a quarter-century’s experience, Michael Mandl currently serves Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

ID 31533

Abhi Sharma

Currently at NBC Universal. Previously at BrightWhistle & Coca-Cola. Everything from software to design to sales. Graduate from Georgia Tech.

ID 230330

Jennifer Collom

Co-founder & COO of Borrowed By Design. First shared clothing e-commerce platform of its kind. Terry College of Business MBA 2013.

ID 398446

Blaine W. Lindsey, JD, MPH

CEO @GetHealthyInc; Founder @CapraHealth; Former BD @Healthcare_ABC; JD/MPH @Emory

ID 200660

Justin Dawkins

Founder soClick, Co-Founder sf35 • Worked at @silverpop, @digitalguestlist

ID 60249

Nelson Wells

Tech startup advisor, mentor,investor @fourathens CEO @TeamClermont: PR for indie music clients: Merge Records, Domino, Asthmatic Kitty, WB, #SXSW, Wilco & M83

ID 114128

Hugh Malkin

Co-founder, CEO at @hugecity

ID 256144

Dan Horn

Mobile, Desktop, and Enterprise Solutions Architect and Open for New Opportunities

ID 178178

Orlando Silva

Founder Silva 3D Printing • Worked at @verizon-wireless • Studied at @university-of-maryland-university-college

ID 371850

Kaleem Clarkson

Co-Founder and VP of @blend-me-inc Drupal Web Designer and Themer.

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena QEB,LLC

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV & #QEBSwagMag. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 263328

Sam Bowen

CEO / co-founder of WellCause a 1on1 health coaching app • Worked at @american-cancer-society, @state-of-ga • Studied at @emory-university, @oglethorpe-university

ID 75780

Ishaan Jalan

@Emory undergrad • @tedx Organizer • Works at @eventfeed-us

ID 65048

Michael Gluzman

Design Manager for Sprite & Flavors at Coca-Cola. Design Director / UI + UX Designer @scholrly. Former Art Director + Designer at @quo-vadis.

ID 235442

Jarrett Hines

Media Consultant & former artist manager with music publishing exp. Worked at @accenture, @songsplits • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park, @stern-school-of-business

ID 213855

Brennan Collins

Strong technology consulting experience mixed with Product Management enthusiasm. Deloitte, Accenture. Mech Engr for solution design, but business mindset.

ID 643123

Marcus W Sute

Experienced Sr. Technical Executive with expertise in building and managing high performance teams in start-ups and established companies

ID 583908

James Groves

Worked at @merrill-lynch, @credit-suisse-first-boston • Studied at @emory-university, @kelley-school-of-business-indiana-university

ID 236893

Chris Hackney


Experienced tech executive and entrepreneur. Acquired by @oracle-2 as executive @virtrue. Previous work @webmd, @the-coca-cola-company, @bank-of-america.

ID 180695

Ashad Pernell

Founder Silva 3D Printing & Co-Op Live• Studied at @southern-polytechnic-state-university

ID 264553

Sara Campbell

10+ years experience getting startups off the ground. Smart, scrappy, flexible, easy to work with. Specialize in copywriting, identity development, PR, mktg

ID 388600

Sahith Aula

Enthusiastic, focused, teamplayer with excellent due diligence, research, and analytical skills. BA, JD, MPhil. @university-of-cambridge-1 @emory-university-1

ID 46160

Eunice Nyandat

CEO at My Biz Marketer -At My Biz Marketer, we make it our business to market your business. In fact, that’s all we do, all day long.

ID 491949

Damien Perera

Ivy League educated, Penn engineering, USC Marshall MBA, former engineer and consultant, current investment banker excited to join a startup

ID 34006

Mark Braunstein

Cofounder PROHECA (sold to NDC). Cofounder Patient Care Tech (sold to Meditech).

ID 81249

Jordan Scott

Founder and CEO of @godigex. Strong international business background (operations at ConAgra Foods, marketing at Brambles). MBA @georgia-institute-of-technology 2009 - Batts Fellow.

ID 300247

Kathryn Ewing

CEO & Co-Founder of Borrowed By Design, my first shared clothing e-commerce startup. UGA Grad with Bachelors in Journalism.

ID 91050

Andrew Sanders

ID 232413

Lindsay Marles

Founder/CEO @AustinLloyd, Studied @emory-university @duke-university, Worked @deloitte-consulting and @ups

ID 60729

Ashton Thomas

Founder @acrinta. Technology and design enthusiast. Teaching assistant, instructor (Doha, Qatar), US Representative at One Young World.

ID 266540

Alyson (Aly) Moler

Founder at Frozen Pints Ice Cream, previously @The-Nielsen-Company, undergraduate degree from @emory-university-1 - @Goizueta-Business-School

ID 51273

Kim Martin Bannerman

Technology Business Development and Marketing Professional with over 15 years of marketing and sales experience. Enjoy helping people succeed in their careers, and in life.

ID 208836

Brian Danin

>10 yrs in media production, video, and web/app development | Georgia Tech MBA | UBC Vancouver BFA in video / design from | Video Production, HTML/CSS/PHP/JS

ID 39754

Giovanni Hobbins

Co-founder of @campus-bubble • Founded and ran @nightly-labs to pay way through @emory-university

ID 383806

Sanjeev Juneja

ID 519440

Stephen Scriber

Duke Law Grad, Practicing Attorney, Looking to Join or Launch Startup

ID 196443

Eric Crane

Co-founder of Energy Internet. TI:GER/MBA student @georgia-institute-of-technology. Intern @relateiq-2. Formerly Customer Success @crimson-hexagon and Techie @epic Systems.

ID 101496

Caleb Clark


Founder @mobilization-labs, @fortius-financial

ID 380753

Mallory J. Strawn

ID 243296

Shawn S. Tucker

ID 209968

Shelton Davis

UX & =) designer, entreprenuer& user advocate. Schooled: @university-of-southern-california @ArtCenter @georgia-institute-of-technology. Solutions4: TheHomeDepot, BlackBerry, TheWeatherChannel & now FirstData

ID 171279

Andre Schnabl, CPA


Managing Partner of Grant Thornton. He also serves as a Member of the Advisory Council at Cordova Intellimedia Ventures, L.P.

ID 363629

Dan Ramirez

Award Winning Marketing and Technology Leader

ID 164521

Shreenath Regunathan

ID 161494

Abhi Barve

Full Stack developer with 20 years experience. Raytheon, CSC.

ID 144448

David J Hayek

Founder @mmotv, @inventors-universe • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @general-motors • Studied at @ohio-state-university, @wright-state-university

ID 39983

Stacy Kenworthy


A veteran of more than 15 years in the finance and technology fields, Kenworthy manages the key business and daily operations of the OptiGlobal Group.

ID 131646

Tony Kinard

Digital Savant, Obsessively Creative, Fearless Advertising/Marketing Exec.

ID 84548

Scott Dunbar

Chief Technology Officer @yopima

ID 343336

Michael Ames

Business Coach; 10+ years Regional Customer Management at Coca-Cola; Michigan MBA '92; Corporate, Startup, and Small Business Experience; Day-to-day Operations

ID 265103

Andres E Montanes

Founder of Pangianet. Medical Intern, Studied Biology @georgia State University.

ID 15940

Aditya Subramaniam

Product Manager for Email Security @ AirWatch; GeorgiaTech MS ECE - NetSec; Entrepreneurial mindset, team player who excels in independent research

ID 217186

I. Monet Williams

2010 Tulane MBA and Global Management Grad. Consultant at Accenture

ID 230116

Jocelyn Spaulding

Jocelyn Spaulding, DMD, set out to merge her love for helping people with her desire to create something beautiful by entering the field of dentistry.

ID 371655

Michael Flanigan

Sage of benevolent deviousness and hacker of people, who loves to help make a difference. Still doing too much, slowly trying to do less.

ID 104991

Darren Shipp

CEO of @carsactive. Fifteen years of software leadership. Expertise in agile methods and lean startups. History of transforming technology companies.

ID 419984

Leo Lope Lofranco

Founder @muber • Worked at @harvard-university-1 • Studied at @ateneo-de-manila-university, @universita-degli-studi-di-genova

ID 12828

Blake Sundberg

ID 272535

Sarvesh Gupta

Engineering Masters + MBA, five years automation experience

ID 52874

Tom Barr

Former Marine and Harvard MBA seeks to work with passionate and energetic colleagues

ID 110756

Mark Schultz

Senior Global Technology Executive

ID 278302

Hartley Caldwell


Empowering great teams to build cool products - its just that simple.

ID 531677

David Munoz

User experience researcher and designer with degrees in psychology and HCI from Duke and Georgia Tech. NSF Graduate Fellow with four research publications

ID 21135

Dave Marks

Founder @statmilk (Sports Stats Visualized), Architect + Designer

ID 375456

Kevin Shia

MS Student at Georgia Tech. Worked at Bio-Rad. Interested in electronics and medical devices.

ID 401307

Chris Anderson

Worked at CheckFree, Fiserv, Cynergy Data • Studied at UC Davis

ID 197264

Hayden Gray

ID 265661

Doug MacGinnitie

Prior to becoming commissioner, MacGinnitie worked in numerous high-level positions for several corporations and law firms throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

ID 584863

Hayden Gray

UVA grad with entrepreneurial drive and creative spirit. Lover of learning and being a part of a tight team.

ID 203932

Frank Shelp

Dr. Frank Shelp is a psychiatrist, public administrator, and mental health policy expert. His career spans several decades and numerous high-level positions.

ID 303993

Jason Gries

GE executive turned serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO @foomanchew, @iplex. Purdue Aerospace Engineer.

ID 131392

Daniel Flannery

New Graduate. Brown (BA Economics), Georgia Tech (BS Computer Science)

ID 397961

Sean Sternbach

Management Consultant with strong skills in business development and strategy

ID 336027

Sid Slover

President and co-founder @learn-it-live.

ID 523012

Ethan Mayers

Founder @synthenai • Adviser @deadlinedetroit • International speaker on innovation and growth • Worked at @espn • Studied at @university-of-tennessee

ID 257002

Josh Kimball


Interested in sundry topics, which explains my vice--learning...

ID 286504

C. Wesley Daniel

Operations person with experience in marketing, public relations, business development, politics, non-profits, and education

ID 23550

Coty Rosenblath

CTO at eCommHub

ID 397739

Patrick Childers

Founder @brandboard, @zimmdot • Studied at @southern-polytechnic-state-university

ID 410650

Kim Furuya

GeorgiaTech Grad Student in UX and ML; neuroengineer and software dev freelancer; worked at NASA/JPL and Caltech.

ID 581941

Tessa Greenleaf

Marketing Director for the Atlanta Women's Chorus. Community Manager @cloudpeeps. Digital Media Specialist at Georgia Tech.

ID 127941

Denver Rayburn

Student at Emory University, Founder of @universitysms and @posterfuse

ID 165249

Abraham Choi


ID 349486

Giorgi Tkeshelashvili

CS, School of Computing, Georgia Tech

ID 308949

Amanda Serfozo

Content Strategist + Copywriter at @BrandFever. Host, #OnBranding. Roots at @NBC, @ted, @ BarackObama. UX/UI. Startups. Vespas.

ID 522890

Phillip Funkhouser

Inventor and Entrepreneur

ID 587240

John Larkin

Experienced quality leader in high tech electronics manufacturing; ISO 9001 quality systems; off-shore contract manufacturing and supplier quality improvement; root cause analysis.

ID 419898

Francis Plaza

Founder @muber • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 644743

Louis Adam Rabinowitz

Georgia Tech MBA graduate; healthcare and management consulting; process improvement specialist; proven ability to transform creative ideas to implementation

ID 110899

Mark Bell


Brand Group Holdings

ID 339341

Rachel Orston

Experienced Technology Product and Services Lancher

ID 252534

Scott Cullen

Founder/CEO of Dvlopment. Background in business and real estate consulting, development and brokerage with Jones Lang LaSalle. Kellogg MBA, Law degree.

ID 128892

Linda Eliasen

Designer at MailChimp

ID 276232

Henning von Kalm


Seasoned finance professional with appetite for 3 - 4 early stage, non-tech start-ups; strong preference for ventures catering to "traditional" industries

ID 277963

Jewel Burks

Founder PartPic • Worked at @google, @mcmaster-carr-supply-co • Studied at @howard-university

ID 582773

Chad Lane

Founder CheckDroid • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 384717

James Coleman

Worked at @flashpoint-at-georgia-tech • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 88487

Tara Roberts

Executive Director of girltank; strong editorial background (CosmoGirl, Essence, EBONY, books for teen girls); Incubators (Founder Institute, Start-up Chile)

ID 302258

Brandon Firfer

Sr. Developer at Turner; Worked with and

ID 397722

Alex Solomon

Business oriented mechanical engineer; I am the determined, focused, personable nerd that can help you tailor your industrial product to any specific need.

ID 531652

Kira Greco

Jill-of-all-trades. Stanford MS in Engineering. Worked for AB-InBev and software start-up. Experience in operations, marketing and business analysis.

ID 155143

Ryan Paddock

@emory-university University Goizueta Business School BBA, Strong Entrepreneurial and Marketing Background

ID 258111

Paul Lee

Georgia Institute of Technology, strategic planning, overseas sales, marketing, M&A, SEO

ID 44716

Adi Rabinovich

Self Proclaimed Tech Guru, currently consulting for big Telecoms

ID 267933

Jay Wilson

Founder LuxSano • Studied at @duke-university

ID 171004

Dan Hauck

Founder BleuAcre • Worked at @bryan-cave • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @emory-university

ID 629525

Michelangelo Ho

Product executive in wireless, mobile payments, M2M, telematics, LBS. Founder of 2 companies; Mentor @ ATDC (top 10 incubator); Georgia Tech MBA 2002; MS/BS EE.

ID 560274

Yonnick Jones

Founder/CEO of The Jones Company • Strong Business background, Studied at @columbia-university MA Business Certificate, @university-of-bologna MBA 2013

ID 149436

Andy Powell


Co-Founder of CallRail

ID 406639

Vic Uzumeri

Founder DeeperPoint • Worked at @auburn-university-1 • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 201849

Michael Mealling

Founder Pipefish, @masten-space-systems • Worked at @verisign, @georgia-institute-of-technology-1 • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 225843

Amrutha Krishnan

MS HCI student at Georgia Tech; Worked at Bloomberg and Samsung Electronics

ID 236687

Joelle Alcaidinho

Current MID Georgia Tech '16, Fordham MS. Worked at Mixel, Apple, & Apartment Therapy. Designer, writer, product manager.

ID 557592

Terry Yen


20+ years in wireless industry. BSME Stanford. MBA Cornell.

ID 101342

Antonio Guglielmo

CEO / Architect at ThruView Full stack developer. Worked at Palm, HP, AT&T, as EPM with enterprise clients and troubleshooting.

ID 467805

Domenic Salerni

First Violin, Vega Quartet. Professor at Emory University. Composer, arranger, and teacher. Named in ArtsAtl's 30 under 30. Yale MM '11. Always creating.

ID 17086

Jim Flannery

Founded dealmobs (2010-??), in process of launching dealmobs 2.0.

ID 582890

Jen Clinehens

I build bridges between creativity and commerce.

ID 364239

Michael Peterson

ID 203836

Dan Costa

Founder @college-battle • Studied at @emory-university

ID 192701

Katrina Swan Hansen

With more than a decade of experience in tax-related accountancy, Katrina Swan Hansen has served as Tax Manager with Windham Brannon in Atlanta since 2007.

ID 343437

Steven Hickson


As CFO, helped start-up and scale a media company operating in international markets to $230 million in revenues and eventual buy-out.

ID 476329

Eric Tipton

Founder Reeyup • Worked at @tapjoy, @pardot • Studied at @washington-university-in-saint-louis

ID 431167

Eric Breier

ID 520855

Henry Crutcher

Founder @equities-lab • Worked at @google, @sap • Studied at @wesleyan-university, @new-york-university

ID 499547

Mark Peterson

Co-CEO of Ereptus. Co-founder & former CEO at PrideRock Hldgs Co., Inc. Strong business background (First Advantage, ChoicePoint, Accenture). Amos Tuck MBA 1995

ID 141417

Chris Beauregard

Building the dream of @salesloft and living the #techstarsboulder life while repping #ATL and @atdc

ID 261916

Lace DePadilla

Education 2009 PhD, Emory University, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education 2005 MS, Georgia State University, Biostatistics

ID 501624

Nii Codjoe

Digital Strategist @plisten Behavioral Planning @bbdo Digital Strategist @nebo-agency Studied @southern-polytechnic-state-university

ID 571739

Gabriel J Perez Irizarry

Founder Curioso • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @university of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez

ID 253287


Founder of MREC and mrecGO™ (Mobile Talent Search Engine). 16+ years of recruiting exp. (incl. roles at Amazon, Microsoft, Deloitte, Capgemini, and E&Y).

ID 345455

Barclay Keith

Babson Global Scholar involved with multiple tech and financial startups.

ID 133729

Ian Jones

Founder/CEO of LaunchTable; Former capital markets and accounting professional; Tulane MBA 2011

ID 540956

Can Ufuk Hantaş

Worked at @georgia-institute-of-technology-1, @bilkent-university University • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @bilkent-university

ID 205553

Gentry Sherrill

UX Obsessed, Self-Taught Dev - Work at @costar - Studied at @georgia Tech - Wants to Unchain Mobile Payments from Near Field Communication Technology with @piad

ID 226178

Chris Lusk

Regional Director, Business Development

ID 340309

Brett Rosen


SVP m&a for digital insurance

ID 296780

Lori Sussle

Global marketing pro. Thrives in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment. Loves travel and exploration.

ID 253612

Abhinandan Jain

Senior Global Executive with 18years of Global experience in scaling and sustaining businesses across continents. Worked t General Electric, Genpact, Siemens, MarchFirst.

ID 342215

John Bowen

Former CEO Apprentice (Cliff Oxford); recruiter @RobertHalf; fpa at @Opay; Operations @intercontinentalexchange; Sales @wellsfargo

ID 372680

Jonathan Goldman

Early-stage start-up expert, from lab to commercialization. Helped launch and/or on management teams of 10 start-ups. Companies have raised in excess of $200M.

ID 229043

Dr. Tyrone Malloy

Dr. Tyrone Malloy currently works as the Chief Executive Officer, Medical Director, and Principal Investigator of the Soapstone Center for Clinical Research.

ID 336843

Steven Gray II

Founder @passo • Studied at @university-of-west-florida, @saint-leo-university

ID 379647

Kevin Walton

ID 603224

Mevonnie Biggins

CEO of Posh Pet Box, a monthly beauty box for dogs. Experienced communicator and presenter. Advanced knowledge of leadership, sales and marketing.

ID 598970

Tres Crow

Founder City Data Company • Worked at @the-ritz-group-networking-organization • Studied at @university-of-michigan, @university-of-west-georgia

ID 525205

Linda Hutchinson

Pres. of S2R Execution Bridge - a strategy, technology & consulting company. Strong blend of business, sales & operations leadership at F500 technology firms.

ID 631873

Tory Harrison

Georgia Tech Master's Degree; Industrial Design, Math, and Art; Researcher, Team Player, and Critical and Creative Thinker.

ID 307893

Joni Merkel, MBA

Global Marketing, Growth Strategy, Builds/Rebuilds Marketing Operations (from the ground up, turnarounds), Client/Business Development. Startups. Emory MBA '06.

ID 481195

Charlie Hubbard

Founder Fuse Analytics, Inc. • Worked at @gpa • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 76033

Robert Chen

@massachusetts-institute-of-technology Alum Class of 2011

ID 244067

Jiaming Zhong

Founder likeplum, student @emory-university-1

ID 114133

Adam Wilson

Co-Founder and Developer of @hugecity. Web polyglot developer. Former enterprise development at CDC.

ID 465708

Asha Rangaraj

ID 277388

Jerome Choo

Founded Startup Exchange, 100+ member startup collective at Georgia Tech. Engineer & Web Developer turned Experience Designer.

ID 479216

Charles Eubanks

COO, Founder Fuse Analytics, Inc. • Worked at @northgatearinso, @arinso • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology • 15 Yrs enterprise HR tech exp. in Fortune/Global 500.

ID 334356

Jeff Goldberg

Head of US Operations at Mobeleon. Accomplished mobile leader, expertise on the latest mobile trends and technologies.

ID 593308

Michael K. Duke

Founder of Sleepwell Sleepwear. Owner of Duke Biologics. Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @southern-polytechnic-state-university Biomedical Engineer and Innovator.

ID 344399

Tim Abbott

Founder @moteel and Board Member @okdo-it-1. Software Engineer @hp, @nasa, @sungard, Technology Manager/Director @barkley, @vml. 7 Years Living and Doing Business in Arabian Gulf (Saudi/UAE) and Asian Markets.

ID 301437

Dawn Dickson

Founder, CEO Flat Out of Heels. Marketing, business development and fundraising consultant for 10 years. Very strong network, access to the top venues in the US

ID 108375

Jermyn Shannon El

Co-founded and sold several tech companies in the solomo and social tv space w strong business dev and digital strategy experience.

ID 235957

Osaro O-o

Founder @crowd-surfn @taggswag CTO of CrowdSurfn.

ID 122568

Rahim Thawer

Managing Member at Thawer Ashcroft Crowne & Co

ID 548989

Michal Nodel

Product person tweeting about startups, product development, production & publishing. Working on video games, film, food products and new media.

ID 212345

James Askew

Founder Whisper Innovations • Worked at @google, @gdot • Studied at @united-states-military-academy

ID 17102

Michael Cala

Founder of Pagoda Works, LLC; Web Development company. Founder of BS Computer Science @university-of-san-francisco.

ID 210509

Fred Stakem

Software developer with experience with many differenet languages and systems from embedded devices, to virtual reality, to numerical simulations.

ID 431549

Vinai Suresh

Georgia Tech CS; Interned at Epic Systems for two summers;Three years experience with iOS design and implementation;

ID 118954

Gene Reese

Tech Entrepreneur and investor

ID 436

Chris Klaus

ID 284946

Dawn McGreevey

ID 109156

Daniel Chisca

Founder Waste.Io • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @liberty-university

ID 245034

Jordan Lewis

3.9+ student in Goizueta Business School, Emory University. Deep interest in marketing analytics and research, brand management and strategic consulting.

ID 549244

Steven Yuen

Economics student at Emory University; Prior experiences in real estate, and accounting in a non-profit company.

ID 240646

Matthew Han

Goizueta Business School Student. Finance and ISOM Background. Worked as Business Development Intern at OpenRatio

ID 247190

Chintan Parikh

CS Student at Georgia Tech. Heavily involved in bringing the startup culture to Georgia Tech. More at

ID 289220

Bhavin Manjee

As a manager with the North American banking division of Deloitte Consulting, Bhavin Manjee provides expert advisory services to decision-makers at top banks.

ID 137102

Antoine Chaya

Executive and information technology expert Dr. Antoine Chaya serves @oracle-corporation,

ID 627877

George Verghis

CEO of MoblTabl • Almost 20 years working on Enterprise CRM and Order Management applications. MIS @university-of-michigan

ID 3128

JP James

ID 197704

Gaurav Bhatia

Spent 13 years successfully collaborating with media agencies like WSB-TV, CBS, 11 Alive, Cox Media, and Fox Sports to evaluate and pitch news stories

ID 526413

Sergey Sheinblum

22 yrs software engineer/architect/tech lead: 15 years dev. with MS softw., 7 last years architect/ on Hadoop/Cassandra/java/ hive platforms.

ID 393008

Mike Beasley

Strong background in systems-level engineering and web development • Worked at @conformis • Studied at @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 554101

Michelle Grilli Saltzman

Princeton 2010 grad and former professional golfer with strong communication and leadership skills.

ID 270122

Scott Rowles

MBA and MS-MOIS. Founded multiple startups in divergent industries (tech, manufacturing). Excellent business planning and technology application skills.

ID 32442

JP James


Managing Director of the Executive Entrepreneurs Society, a virtual global business accelerator.

ID 293381

Jean-Luc Vanhulst

ID 326129

Barclay Keith

Following tech trends, the markets and anything related to entrepreneurship

ID 544549

Brian Uhelski

Entrepreneurial JD/MBA with Sales/Business Development Background in Enterprise Software and Professional Services in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions

ID 103384

Eddie Porrello

Stanford '08 grad working as product mgr for @better-world-books eCommerce site ( Responsible for customer experience & revenue generation.

ID 512546

Cameron Winders

Duke Student - Econ/Finance/CompSci Interests. Passionate for Entrepreneurship. Avid Golfer.

ID 517749

Dedrick Duckett


Senior technologist with a proven technological and entrepreneurial track record of success. Georgia Tech MS CSE and MBA.

ID 240777

Hrishi Talwar

15+ years in mobility and product management, looking to join in a leadership role and taking the company to the next level of success.

ID 214285

Jermyn Shannon EL

13 years on Digital Strategy and e-Business Consulting. I Love Local. I Think Global. TechStartup Innovator. #secondscreen #futurist #Digipreneur

ID 180294

Mladen Yakimov

Ruby on Rails Developer @agency-spotter • Computer Science student at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 346773

Andrew Schulz

Co-founder JoinMe@. Co-founder of Radar System Engineer at Northrop Grumman. Held first software job at IBM at age 17.

ID 393234

Emmanuel BOIDOT

Georgia Tech PhD, Robotics and Internet of things

ID 528293

Hunter Rosenblme

Georgia Tech CS; Project Lead of Samplify; Co-founder of ed-tech charity Project Milo; Entrepreneur; Hackathon enthusiast; Dreamer.

ID 418164

Rafeed Chaudhury

PhD student at @asu '15. @georgia Tech Alum '10.

ID 499308

Akhil Chhabra

Well rounded finance professional (MBA/CPA) looking to assist healthcare start up make financially disciplined decisions

ID 336905

Jawwad Ahmad

Georgia Tech CS; iOS Developer, Ruby on Rails, some Android. Worked for The New York Times and GateGuru.

ID 385005

Tracey Marshall

MBA professional with diverse experience and achievements in product management, project mgmt, social media advertising, sales, mktg/branding & training.

ID 391412

Robert Candler

ID 478858

Cameron Conway

Experienced B2B Marketing Leader Looking to Join Startup for the Free Food and to Implement Marketing Awesomeness

ID 561456

Michael Simmonds

Duke University biomedical engineer, working at Healthcare Consulting firm currently, would love to take my talents and help a startup company grow

ID 308228

Hamed Shams Mousavi

Georiga tech photonics engineer

ID 11481

Dave Maddox

ID 629100

Logan Allen

software engineer @gather_. student @georgiatech. previously @triplingo @bestfitmobile. 17 years old. #javascript

ID 402994

Emily Morris

Founder Emrgy • Worked at @AMT_Technology • Studied at @vanderbilt-university

ID 153701

Sean Keem

Sean Keem's experience working in the field of spinal health established him as an authority and allowed him to open the @keem-spine-institute in 2002.

ID 555005

John Triano

Proven Sales and Business Development Executive with a track record of success in Solution Sales and Channel Sales Management, seeking high-visibility executive management career in Sales.

ID 246217

Julie Schaetzel

MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management; BA in Neuroscience; Head of Marketing for Entrepreneurship Club; Participated in Business Plan Competition

ID 197873

James Bronner

Part owner and Director of Technology at Bronner Bros. • Vice President of Century Systems Inc. • Graduated from Georgia Tech in Computer Engineering

ID 608616

Billy Schlosser

ID 158894

Will Brodnax

Seller / Doer - expert connector and product/service manager.

ID 34044

Darrell DeVeaux

Founder @healthdetail (current). Dir of Enrollment (@unitedhealthcare). Founder RosePlace. MBA (@babson-college College - Olin Fellow). BSBA Finance (UMass)

ID 79113

Imad Abusam

COO of @organic-thinker. @emory-university University Alum

ID 458959

Jim Schuster

UX/UI Designer with Industrial Design Background; Worked at GE Appliances and Coca-Cola

ID 528143

Pushpendra Mehta

Founded/sold an international online news media and e-publishing company for young minds (age 15-45 segment).

ID 151489

Chad Jenkins


CEO of DocuLoan. Experienced leading from startup to highly successful exit. Founded FormFree & TaxEdge. Studied at Emory and KSU.

ID 325839

Neel Natarajan

Passionate, motivated, and entrepreneurially driven Georgia Tech student graduating in May 2014!

ID 148120

Tommy Mancino

The ramblings of a sometimes developer, soldier, educator, and entrepreneur. Helped found Wahoo at SVIC, which became ArcSight.

ID 236663

Kirsten Simmons

Polymath interested in productivity, how ideas spread, gardening, marketing, entrepreneurship and models of social networks and disease transmission.

ID 53164

Aaron Ruffin

Founder, @twitchat-2 Inc.

ID 276638

Aneesh Vartakavi

ID 383451

Yi San Lee

MSc student at GaTech; Telecommunications major with a strong interest in product, marketing, business development and innovation; Great breadth of skills; Quick and scrappy

ID 205281

Cindy Taylor

Founder @tlc-media, @anchor-investment-partners • Worked at @chicago-suntimes, @san-francisco-magazine • Studied at @northwestern-university

ID 63941

Toni Perling

Full-time Copywriter / Listings Editor; Freelancer; WGA member w/network TV credits; Experienced social marketer, content provider.

ID 306805

William Lloyd Huston, Jr.

Founder. 7 years as insurance brokerage owner. 3 years as call center owner. We provide sales and marketing solutions through online advertising and telemarketing.

ID 78574

Lui King

Founder Trusted Guests • Worked at @the-home-depot, @arup

ID 462288

Philip Semprevio II

Law, business, science and technology background. Skilled at analysis, strategy and execution. Law degree in tech commercialization. Cornell undergrad.

ID 566948

Steven Lang

Corporate Attorney

ID 335714

Richard Moss

Executive recruiter. Driven. Strong recruiting expertise across multiple verticals, and strong track record of success serving technology firms and startups.

ID 604101

Jay Patel Atlanta

Jay Patel has a strong track record of success in executing principal equity investments and providing corporate finance advisory services.

ID 456390

Eddie Davis

Built 1st Company to 23 Employees in Costa Rica. Recent UGA Terry MBA 2013.

ID 417252

Frankie Swindell

Founder Better Walk

ID 335516

Taggart Bowen-Gaddy

Georgia Tech CS, Passion for elegant solutions that benefit the user and designer

ID 605585

John Gattuso

Founder FIXD • Worked at @ge-aviation • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 595688

Chris Rouland

Founder + CEO at Bastille Networks • Founded Endgame Systems • Worked at Lehman Brothers and ISS • Studied at Georgia Tech

ID 350346

Christian Rauh

Multilingual Product Manager

ID 472611

Eric Rabinowitz

Georgia Tech CS, IB Diploma, Started own web startup freshman year, Worked at Atlanta Startup Pipefish, active in Atlanta/Georgia Tech startup scene.

ID 568200

TJ Lindsley

Proven success shipping enterprise cloud solutions in high growth environments. Former member of prod dev leadership at Vitrue ($300mil exit). GT grad.

ID 287009

Matthew Drake

Georgia Tech MS. Wrote and launched iOS apps. Created and pitched web products in front of thousands.

ID 171776

Bijal Nagrashna

Worked in consulting, finance and investment management; world traveler; startup enthusiast; Georgia Tech grad.

ID 622771

Kevin Green

Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 220700

AJ Piplica

COO of Generation Orbit Launch Services • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 363431

Mike Taylor

Sales and Marketing, results and outcomes directed with executive experience

ID 43128

Jason Park

Founder of @coachman-air. Undergraduate Senior @ Georgia Institute of Technology.

ID 439506

Jason Brelloch

Worked at @broadcom, @onecare • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @georgia-state-university

ID 526888

Laura Hall

Marketing and Digital Specialist. Social Media and Technology Junkie. Experienced in Sales, Marketing, and HR. Georgia Tech MBA 2009

ID 450623

Derek Miller

Founder Cookly • Worked at @microsoft, @the-walt-disney-company • Studied Computer Science at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 552313

Cameron Glass

COO @ MEMI * Worked at @saks-fifth-avenue, @kurt-salmon * Studied at @emory-university, @wake-forest-university

ID 378736

Harshath JR

Current HCI student at Georgia Tech. Excellent designer and top notch software development skills.

ID 606667

Christopher Taylor

Founder @narvaro • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 24447

Keith Wellman

Leveraged information tech to start and grow a business that consulted independent marketers and entrepreneurs on internet based sales and marketing strategies.

ID 391712

Aaron Parker

Quality Assurance @cognizant-technology-solutions • Studied Psychology at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign; Worked @ Bank of America, UL Environment

ID 555743

Robert Bennett

Dynamic and results-driven Business Professional with over 15 years of Enterprise Systems experience. Senior level Management in Data Center Infrastructure and Information Systems Architecture. Educated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering and a Master’s in

ID 314074

Tamarra Allen

Founder The Portal attended @Full Sail University Masters in Internet Marketing & Graphic Design. Strong business & internet network marketing background

ID 624529

Jordan Taylor

Majored in Philosophy; Desire an intellectually challenging, creative, and fulfilling work environment.

ID 293416

Mukul Sati

ID 540154

Anand Sainath

Graduate Research Assistant at Georgia Tech, Web Engineer, Mobile Application Developer and Co-Founder at !Works

ID 350012

Leo Chang


Fractional CTO, 3x Startup Founder, Computer Science - Georgia Tech

ID 361613

Alice Shen

Founder of Chaptures, Freelancer Web Development/Design (, Consultant at PowerPlan

ID 264776

Elias Khalil

ID 337431

Suzanne Burge-Taylor

Biz Dev @songsplits Copyright Mgmt. 12 yrs. Warner Music Vice-President Marketing & Universal Music Group as PM. AMA Member, Columbia College BA Marketing 93'.

ID 392609

Tina Tsai

Blogger, Social Media Manager @oh-snap-let-s-eat • Software Consultant @junction-solutions • Studied Industrial Engineering at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 74607

Ingrid Cook

Founder of SHzoom. @tufts-university Univ; @spelman-college College, BA 1995. After 17 yrs in the auto insurance industry, I decided to merge my passion with my industry expertise.

ID 422954

D. Tyler Meyer

New to the startup world. I have operations, sales, consulting, strategy in my background. A people person. You bring the code; I'll bring the spreadsheets.

ID 466236

Rahul Vora

Managed $200M+ product portfolio including short code messaging, payments, and carrier billing platforms.

ID 119367

Blake Patton

Managing Partner of Tech Square Ventures. Previously GM of ATDC - a startup incubator at Georgia Tech; EVP of iXL

ID 303356

Frank Park

Founder of Zegg. Serial Entrepreneur: Technology, Aviation, Telecommunications, Connected Devices

ID 450603

Abhishek Nandakumar

Needs more dessert.

ID 476919

Megan Johnson

Freelance Marketing Strategist, Content Creator, & Community Manager - Emory University graduate

ID 79109

Greg Asman

VP, Analytics at Moxie Interactive

ID 563874

Ethan Kalm

Emory MBA 2013, current Senior Analyst at Cardlytics.

ID 299072

Anya Skomorokhova

Consultant at Deloitte; BS Electrical Engineering with Highest Honors at GT; Worked in product marketing/management/development and engineering.

ID 554249

Lidong Terry Zhou

Carnegie Mellon CS graduate. Great problem solver.

ID 564832

James Reeves

University of Georgia Law school graduate with a professional background in sales.

ID 120479

Anand Thaker

A Connector. Marketing/Sales Operations & Technology Consultant @ NeoMarketing Solutions. People make technology work, not the other way around.

ID 505817

Ron Aube

Founder LabSource, Inc., @health-by-connect • Studied at @university-of-georgia, @northcentral-university • startup specialist • domestic/int'l bus development expert

ID 506105

Rizwan Habib

International MBA Graduate; World Traveler; Entrepreneur; Psychology Major; Pursuing an opportunity in a startup.

ID 29846

Andres Riggioni

Idea catalyst and entrepreneurial marketer. Founder @ La Nonna Rosa, Trio Adventure, Heladerías Lopez, and GIZN. Now looking at practical tech, marketing, and good people.

ID 83912

jay yadav


ID 550466

Shankar Vishwanath

Georgia Tech, Machine Learning, Data Science.

ID 527470

Govind Lingam

Digital Media Masters student at Georgia Tech; Skilled visual and interaction designer with experience in Mobile UX.

ID 574940

Robert Wojciechowski

From low-level electrical engineering, full enterprise SaaS solutions, to business development, a end-to-end entrepreneur.

ID 462981

Jessica M. Moore

Leadership, management and marketing executive; resp. for largest voluntary solar program in US

ID 396128

Hisham Toqan

ID 590186

Christine Scarborough

Owner, Christine Scarborough & Assoc. until enrolling at Georgia Tech in 2012 (B2B services); worked at & held equity position in tech start up (2000 - 2004).

ID 158983

Janis Kupferer

Founder SocialJane • MBA - University of Florida. 20+ yrs Marketing at MCI, @bellsouth, @level-3 • Founded first women's friendship networking site.

ID 562504

Spyridon (Spyros) Zafeiropoulos

MS in Aerospace Engineering; Strong background in Control & Dynamical Systems, Vehicles and Robotics; Worked at Georgia Tech, MERL, and NTUA.

ID 195726

Andrew Ford Batticani

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Handsome and Pragmatic CEO @butlr-hospitality-solutions Partner @EMDEAconsulting, Master in Inno&Tech @UniLuiss, DoubleDegree in Economics @university-utrecht

ID 495255

Christina Cartee

Georgia Tech BS; Project Manager; Experience in Sales Strategy, Account Management, Digital Media and Graphic Design.

ID 263531

Craig Hooson

Craig Hooson leverages his extensive experience in financial reporting, SEC reporting, technical accounting, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) controls.

ID 141427

Todd Wilson

Hacking my way to awesome sales intelligence at @salesloft.

ID 405671

Gordon Owens

Owner of GO Digital WSI (Marketing Agency). Co-Founder & CEO of Target Radius. Investor & Co-Founder of Commerce Cliques. Studied at @auburn-university, @edith-cowan-university

ID 195485

Trey Sheneman

Launched Start Up in May 2012, took it to 7 figure value on 5 figure investment in 15 months Studied at @liberty-university, @university-of-georgia

ID 429697

Matthew Allen

Principal, Opinion Savvy, LLC • Studied at @queen-s-university. Research analyst, instrucitonal designer, technologist.

ID 543477

Ed Howden

Studied at @emory-university, @georgia-state-university

ID 247403

Paul Adams

Supported and marketed such notable firms and brands as Nokia, McKesson, MCI, Hitachi, BARCO plus health IT, EMR/EHR firms and medical service providers.

ID 345141

Doug Mancosky

Scientific generalist with sales and marketing skills

ID 536756

Kristen Smith

Georgia Tech MBA - MOT Candidate; Renaissance Woman; Interested in Sports and Technology.

ID 526787

Oscar Lopez

The Coca-Cola Company extensive national and international sales and marketing experience. Immediate access to virtually all major national foodservice chain account leadership contacts. Certified Trainer in Key Account Selling Strategies focused on reten

ID 158790

Anthony Guglielmo

Making the world safer through communication. Building private clouds and keeping data safe and separate.

ID 26243

Eric Spett

23 years old. Co-founder of FishList. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Georgia (MIS).

ID 380054

Krista Hilton

Qualitative Researcher/Ethnographer/Methodologist

ID 268501

Ryan Whittle


Entrepreneur, Sales, Investor, Hustle

ID 131918

Rashid Mayes

Developer of Brilliance and Stumblr (50mm images accessed per month) Co-founder of the @astrient-foundation Developer of

ID 260762

Michael Simon

Founder PosterFuse • Studied at @emory-university

ID 517069

Triesha Fagan

MS in ECE @ Georgia Tech

ID 179388

Francis Williams Bongay

Worked at @iye-properties-llc-and-iye-corporation • Studied at @vanderbilt-university

ID 552366

Rituraj Satpute

Expert in cryptography, security and systems programming with experience in automated testing and a number of varied projects in web development, crypto, APIs.

ID 15439

John Rozzo

Online Community Builder | Web Publisher | WordPress Developer | Social Media | Blog Editor • • bilingual, creative/technical, international experience

ID 466263

Graham Sanborn

Georgia Tech Ph.D.; experience in business strategy & dev in electronics, med dev, et al.; Startup spirit, interest in the xsect of product R&D and strategy

ID 409511

Toni V. Martin

Studied at @university-of-michigan , consultant to beauty brands, Content Marketer, glam geek

ID 358756

Victorya Pinter

ID 224430

Amaan Lakhani

Summer analyst at Libreum Investment Management, currently a start-up consultant at Upside Group Consulting.

ID 44927

Locke Raper

Co-founder/COO of Digital media entrepreneur with 15+ years experience doing business development for Turner, CNN, @ezgov-com and Air America.

ID 168173

Annette Sage

Creative, strategic and results oriented team player. Advertising and Marketing Consultant. MBA International Marketing.

ID 173847

Teresa Hu

CS 2014 at Georgia Tech, Ruby on Rails at Ericsson. Former Microsoft, Cisco intern. Looking for technical PM role post-graduation

ID 601963

Justin Schneider

Notre Dame BFA, Product Designer, NatGeo Illustrator

ID 400083

Jen Weiss Handler

ID 162715

Mike Gordon

Please see LinkedIn profile and brochure. Please call for planning discussion: 404-862-2681

ID 501556

Adam Burke

10 year recruiter and director; Johns Manville, Quantum, CBRE, Cloud Sherpas; leader, trainer, technology focused

ID 433508

Bobby Kircher

Tinkering w/ the Internet since '95. Today an e-com consultant, single bilingual, black coffee drinker, runner, maphead, ATL ITP resident, home DJ, & cat owner.

ID 459458

brandon rowlett

Goal oriented project manager mindset, passion for design and innovation, advanced in brand strategies and brand development,

ID 157987

Andrew Colella

Versatile Web+App Developer, Interactive Music Instructor at @emory-university-1, Touring Musician | MS in Music Technology @georgia-institute-of-technology-1

ID 57630

Chris Turner

Cofounder of @regator; software consultant for startups and enterprises with expertise in web, desktop, mobile, and database administration.

ID 622168

Matty Vallevand

ID 542800

Ronald Kern

Business development / Sales specialist with startup, consulting and corporate experience - background in market research, customer intelligence.

ID 496855

Heming Yu

QCF candidate with a strong background in Quantitative Methods, Portfolio Management, Investment, Finance, Computational skills, Statistics and Analysis. Hands on experience in financial Data Analysis, Financial Optimization and model construction, with d

ID 327461

Dario Kirola

Emory Goizueta BBA. Independently created and produced an original reality show series. Branding strategy specialist. Worked for McKinsey & Co, Universal McCann and FC Red Star Belgrade

ID 529561

Rafael Bucciarelli

Emory Physics BS, Start up enthusiast. Former Media Director for Orlando Kart Center.

ID 527577

Tim Liu

Startup software architect, looking for great opportunities with great people

ID 537618

Jean-Guillaume Durand

Double Msc Aerospace Engineering, research assistant for Airbus, modeling and simulation developer, won several competitions including in robotics

ID 454948

Joe Uhl

ID 130078

Ramu Annamalai

Founder @bractlet • Worked at @deloitte-consulting, @meadwestvaco • Studied IE at Georgia Institute of Technology; Researched disaster mgmt for Red Cross.

ID 600955

A. Jarrod Jenkins

Litigator with a JD/MPA from UGA; UNC undergrad; Federal law clerk experience; IAPP member; Studying for CIPM certificate; Transportation and privacy focused

ID 294406

Paul Beresuita

Georgia Tech Computer Science

ID 249204

Eddie Dozier


Founder HQJungle • Studied at @morehouse-college, @arizona-state-university

ID 637463

Chrissy Slayton

Georgia Tech IE known best for her love of using empirical data to find actionable trends and create strategies for improvement.

ID 431121

Prajwal Shivaprakash

Georgia Tech AE, Aerospace Systems Deign and Development

ID 569876

Aditi Ghag

ID 457474

Dan Staub

Georgia Tech Student

ID 460545

Robert m tatum

30 plus years of success

ID 620573

Ashley Wells

Digital media/strategy specialist from the ad agency world. Experience across a variety of accounts and a proven track record of increasing awareness and sales

ID 377890

Brian Scully

Hands-on software architect with thirteen years of experience; full stack generalist; polyglot with DSL focus; Georgia Tech Masters in Aerospace Engineering

ID 593433

Ethan Lai

ID 532746

Nobel Yoo

Georgia Tech Physics/EE. Worked three software engineering jobs while in school. Taught myself Django, RubyOnRails, Jquery and teaching myself tons of other things.

ID 596748

Srinivas Poluru

ID 233476

Parth Sehgal

ID 634130

Scott Strong

Georgia Tech MS in Aerospace Engineering and MBA. Machine learning and AI expertise. Experience working in startup environments.

ID 372752

Blake Adams

International Marketing and Digital Media Consultant; Entrepenuer and Startup Experience; Large Event Management and Production; Highly Motivated; Passionate

ID 513029

Cecili Reid

Founder TravelNiche • Studying Computer Science at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 277248

Jeffrey Landrum

Georgia Tech ME; Engineer at Mcor Technologies; R&D for Syntheon LLC on surgical tools; Former Leader at the Georgia Tech Invention Studio; 3D Printing Dev; Battlebots Veteran

ID 339755

Wesley Wang

ID 650056

Patricia Ramos

Georgia Tech engineering. Fluent English, Spanish and Italian. Conversational French. Java, Html, Python, and C++ proficient. Very good with Clients and people.

ID 538958

Austin Joyner

ID 540713

Pragya Saboo

Georgia Tech IE, Intern at Ernst & Young, Student Ambassador, Intern at Y Media Labs, Designed several apps in Hackathons, Golfer, Student Leader

ID 435757

Imran Naim

ID 572480

Darshak Doshi

Masters student at Georgia Tech ECE; Worked in AMD and Maxim Integrated; Hardwarian.

ID 576054

Kamran Fardanesh

ID 378669

David Brelloch

Georgia Tech, Senior Developer at OneCare, Full stack developer

ID 470091

Mallika Sen


ID 533292

Eric Eisner

ID 583216

Oussama Elachqar

Georgia Tech CS, Machine Learning, Startup experience

ID 261697

Eugen Istoc

MS Student at Georgia Tech; Worked at Lockheed Martin, AT&T, and involved in startup OpenStudy.

ID 371540

Siddhant Chawla

ID 438847

Kevin Coleman

Full stack, RoR, C#, .Net, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML5, Heroku, Big Data

ID 549963

Kanishka Rawal

pursuing undergraduate degree at Georgia Institute of Technology

ID 635193

Jeremy Savor

Recent Graduate from Georgia Tech with interest in hardware/product design and mechanical engineering

ID 505937

Jay Sueksagan

Georgia Tech Student, specializing in UI/Visual Design. Worked at The Campus Recreational Center.

ID 540997

Mohit Khatri

Georgia Tech CS,3 yrs work ex with HP Storage

ID 510266

Gabino Dabdoub

Georgia Tech CS, Programmer, worked at NASA Ames

ID 452402

James Wingo

Key acount Sales; Multi-Talented Engineer that has worked internationally as sales and engineering

ID 299900

Zachary Herndon

ID 363893

Jacob Robertson

ID 453221

Jonathan Edward Nathan

ID 591487

Mollie Taylor

Data viz/data analysis. Love combining programming and statistics to create awesome interactive graphics and maps. Curious person who can't learn enough.

ID 357977

Ann Eliese Grey

Internet Technology Entrepreneur. Helping startups grow their development team, web presence, and business. Work with brands like Microsoft, HBO, Mercedes, AT&T

ID 271715


Georgia Tech CS. Designer + Developer.

ID 446805

James Slack

Industrial designer with a passion for changing the world, good design, and good beer. Experienced at working in multidisciplinary teams.

ID 381543

Yana Nikolayeva

Founder/CEO of YANICO luxury consulting, Macquarium Intelligent Communications, OFS Furukawa, Nordstrom, Nine West, CRM and Social Media Marketing Professional

ID 425083

Shehmeer Jiwani

CS undergrad at Georgia Tech. Interned at Boeing as a programmer and technical analyst. Creator of Thndr:

ID 45921

Dan Drechsel

CEO Ftrans. Led S1 thru dotcom boom growth phase. Built and sold PE-backed Global Energy Decisions. Also D&B, ADP, SAP. @georgia-institute-of-technology & Mercer.

ID 527467

Dominique Johnson

Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering Senior, Experience and interest with integrating health diagnostics with mobile applications/devices

ID 321656

TiOluwa Olarewaju

CS Student @georgia-institute-of-technology Currently @red-hat. Worked at Urjanet.

ID 390757

Urnil Dhruv

Georgia Tech IE, Business background

ID 246870


Georgia Tech EE; Lead Systems & Network Engineer; Grew Wellcentive's infrastructure to over four (4) times in size. Worked at Nagra, JEA, and Vocalocity.

ID 234336

Coye Roseberry

I have worked with over 30 teams and corporate groups in team building and leadership exercises.

ID 568696

Michael Lorenzana

Full Stack Developer

ID 439675

Hasan Soneji

Platform Engineer at AutoTrader, Software Engineer at RedPrairie, QA at NCR, Independently provided solutions with

ID 503683

Payman Touliat

Experienced Engineer With Strong Software Development Skills

ID 513401

Akash Gangil

ID 200288

Aakash Parlecha

Studying Finance and Information Systems @emory-university. CFO of Share-A-Text. Worked at U.S. House of Representatives.

ID 186001


ID 376484

Trevor Williams

Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 577199

Andac Armutlulu

ChBE, MEMS, Batteries, Supercapacitors, Electrochemistry

ID 555924

Devon Kerns

Georgia Tech graduate, worked through 4 different positions within Home Depot, ranging from Process Improvement, Analytics, Vendor Management, and Training

ID 551825

Sahithya Baskaran

Interaction Designer, Rapid prototyper

ID 173979

Surenkumar Nihalani

Worked at @nvidia, @indian-institute-of-technology-mumbai • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 610742

Kris Kemper

Full Stack Generalist. Agile developer. Experienced in teams and companies both big and small. I can build new products, scale existing ones, and lead others.

ID 115088

Sachin Mohan

Worked at @playcoin-entertainment, @sysco • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 513672

Krishna Tamburino

Smart, Hardworking Problem Solver

ID 302252

Andrew Howard

ID 339858

Patrick Stoica

Georgia Tech CS / Web Developer / Worked at Yahoo! Sports

ID 394142

Timothy Tjia-Gan

Georgia Tech IE; Quick Leaner with background in data capturing and analysis

ID 592821

Akash Shah

A GaTech ninja seeking to bring strong growth by doing whatever he can.

ID 398246

Jeremy Corbett

GT Math, full stack developer with a passion for the web, math and machine learning

ID 299424


Georgia Tech, Rails and Rubyist

ID 496523

Alex Overall

Problem solver, Build/Break/Fix software. Customer focused, deep email marketing experience. I love python and good coffee.

ID 532902

ben corn

Music Video Editor w/ Jake Miller and Sammy Adams. Instagram: bencorn_ Vine: ben corn PO Box 1124 1st Ave Atlanta, GA | Business -

ID 571813

Chang-In Mungai

Georgia tech Aerospace major CS Minor artificial inteligence

ID 296079

Sai Vijayan

Georgia Tech AE, built airplanes and placed 3rd for Design build fly, developed simulation environments for ballistic missile defence.

ID 344986

Stephen Thomas

An experienced front end developer with a leaning towards user experience

ID 221694

Scott McFarland

BS in CS from Georgia Tech; Co-founder of ClariFI; Grew technical team from 5 to 30+; Responsible for development and release management for the product line.

ID 109567

Imran Momin

Industrial Engineering student at @georgia-institute-of-technology; Currently working on @eventluv; Looking for opportunity in fresh, young companies

ID 503287

Alireza K Monfared

Georgia Tech Phd Student with Multidisciplinary skills including strong Programming background as well as deep grasp of mathematical concepts

ID 535486

Allen Tsai

Undergraduate CS student at Georgia Institute of Technology

ID 123874

Kurt Nelson

Student at @georgia-institute-of-technology. Linux sysadmin; web developer; datacenter operations.

ID 388026

Michael Sandt

Georgia Tech Computer Science, Polyglot with Web Application Focus, Passion for Start Ups

ID 473318

Jason D. Miller

Data Scientist at Intel and Silicon Valley startups. Published empiricist. MS at UGA and OSU; ABD PhD at OSU. R, pSQL, and Python coder. Inventor of LCI.

ID 398048

Grant Titus

Student at Georgia Tech, technology enthusiast, game developer.

ID 546815

Carlos Isales

Worked at @vitrue, @kevy

ID 538873

Manav Dutta

ID 516341

Grant Heffley

Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineer, Denning Technology and Management Scholar, Minor in Engineering and Management, Inventure Prize Finalist

ID 391350

Anthony Mann

Georgia Tech MIS Grad, Currently working as software developer, interested in customer success positions

ID 629997

James Zachary Swartz

I will always have calamari for the table.

ID 41693

Simon Horrocks

Co-Founder of @affix-music. Founding member The Freddy Jones Band. Former Artist Manager Survivor, Ciara & GM of Akon's Label. Co-President Ga Music Partners.

ID 526788

Trevor Siu

ID 531934

Hannah Lau

Georgia Tech CS (Artificial Intelligence and Modeling & Simulation); Interned at the MathWorks and will intern at Google; Worked as a Teaching Assistant

ID 643533

Daniel Barfield

Georgia Tech graduate, Environmental Engineering degree. Very familiar with all aspects of environmental work. Extensive experience with SolidWorks.

ID 640443

Saneel Prabhu

Georgia Tech IE, Analyst at Libreum International

ID 391362

Kanitha Mann

Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 392446

Steven Han

Georgia Tech CS, Full-stack mobile and web, Fast learner

ID 469825

Ruben Harris

Studied at @southern-adventist-university

ID 268320

Blessing Oyeleye

CEO of Makers Crew. A personalized fashion e-commerce in Nigeria + Africa. Worked at DuPont, PepsiCo, HP, amd Mosaic @university-of-florida Alum, M.Sc @new-york-institute-of-technology.

ID 474984

Scott Evans

Effective leader with a strong bias towards action and creative problem solving. 15 + years in management consulting, interactive product strategy and execution.

ID 581732


Founder Faux Fro • Studied at @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill

ID 338699

Karl Falconer

Founder Dropstream

ID 203206

David Lobo

Co-Founder of LatinIvy. Strong business background and passion for entrepreneurship. Worked at @rocket-internet, @delta-airlines, & @wells-fargo. @university-of-north-carolina-chapel-hill graduate.

ID 180091

Tom Morphis


ID 475518

Peter Alcock

CEO of ContactRocket. Ruby hacker. Coffee afficianado. Shock-rock marketer.

ID 219572

John Ledbetter

Worked at Vitrue (acquired by @oracle-corporation), @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted • Studied at @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 461207

Jason Lysak

ID 593812

John Gravely


Founded c360 in 2001, sold to CDC Software in 2006. Founded ClickDimensions in 2010

ID 338733

Chris Baldwin

Business Development at Fanforce. Prior experience in banking at SunTrust and Silicon Valley Bank.

ID 392633

Jarret Minkler

Go ahead, tell me it's impossible.

ID 90781

Dave Walters

I build stuff: companies, fans, customers, blogs, campaigns, videos, more. Deep startup cycles since 1991. Mentor digital marketers as a Product Evangelist.

ID 321367

Amanda Stern

ID 29154

Kurt Ude

Founder and Lead Developer @groopt. Studied @pomona-college College.

ID 407800

Justin Oh

Marketer with ad agency background (JWT, 22squared). Led digital strategy for multiple Fortune 500 brands (Shell, Publix Supermarkets, Kellogg).

ID 445535

Jessica Bernstein

NYU Tisch Photography/Imaging, UGA Communication Sciences and Disorders- still in undergrad. Worked for NYC Fashion Week, proficient in photoshop and people skills.

ID 385370

Parker Coffin

Sales & Service Focused

ID 277307

Sheeka Strickland

Media Strategy student at Northwestern, McCormick Scholar, human centered design enthusiast. Excited about the future of storytelling.

ID 589888

Jane Gulley

Software technology professional with over 15 years of project management and product ownership, development and delivery experience.

ID 232622

Mario Suffren

ID 129429

Eduardo Austin

Founder @what-s-that-rap, EAE Devices • Worked at @eae-llc • Studied at @old-dominion-university, @georgia-state-university

ID 456576

Brad Harrison

Attorney. Specializes in IP and technology law and general commercial law.

ID 426213


Sales Pro

ID 502088

Tommy Cunningham

Founder CCB Research Group • Worked at @university-of-kentucky-hospitals, @ermi-medical-devices • Studied at @university-of-kentucky

ID 403516


Pursuing career change from Telecommunications to Renewable Energy at Startup

ID 264315

Brennen Buckner

Soon to be MBA graduate; Morehouse College '12; Starting Redd Rover, a shared experience start-up in Atlanta; Manage my own music production company.

ID 153591

Harlan Robinson

Founder @haveoneon-me • Worked at @intel, @at-t • Studied at @morehouse-college

ID 517617

Steven Doss

ID 461322

Amy Beaver

7+ Years B2B Sales Experience with focus on New Business Development. Love tech startups and contributing across many areas of a business.

ID 595638

Tim Niziak

Experienced marketing and sales manager, inspired by the startup world.

ID 417463

Modibo Diabate

May 2014 Graduate Student, Interested in startups, Passion for technology

ID 452238

Thad Peterson

ID 140237

Michael Isaacs

Co-founder/CEO of GetCharitable • Studied at Auburn

ID 616963

Barry Hayut

Former CEO of publicly held healthcare co. with investment banking background. Holds BA in Business Administration & Econ from Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

ID 439661

Sherry Oswalt

Founder @cmecompete, @divas-run-llc • Worked at @catalyst-fitness-midtown • Studied at @kennesaw-state-university, @reinhardt-university

ID 539832

Stephen Beehler

VP of #Mrkt & #Comm @EdgewoodAve | Founder @Wastewear | #FilmMaker & #RealityTV Producer | Author of #ITTMTA |

ID 431119

Ben Su

ID 595931

Richard McEntyre

ID 134752


Emory Finance CS major. I do rails and like solving B2B related business problems.

ID 524509

Adam Kanter

ID 609728

Nipun Goel

Strategy Consultant interested in Fin-Tech / Payments / Credit start-ups

ID 540981

Ruby Kaufman

Emory BBA Seeking Business Internship

ID 324022

Connor Stark

Emory University Junior interested in startups and finance. Co-founded my first startup, AngelSuite, in July 2013.

ID 327458


Successful Big 4 public accountant, specializing in derivatives in commercial clients and other treasury functions as well as tailored financial analysis and forecasting.

ID 514262

Tyler M. Fields

Marketing and operations expert, experienced developing SaaS solutions. Worked at @ibm, @autodesk and @evault. Inbound / content marketing blows my hair back.

ID 419881

Marcus Johnson

Emory University Computer Science Student (Graduating December 2013) , Android Enthusiast, Currently Creating Android Mobile Payment App

ID 508082

David V

VP, Global Marketing; Fortune 50 and startup experience. Experience includes: Comcast, Coca-Cola, South Korea Telecom, Sapient, McCann-Erickson, General Motors.

ID 488589

Shubh Singhi

Product, Digital, and Creative Strategist. Developed 4 patents. Worked on over 80 brands. Know UX, Design, Business Strategy, Tech trends. Emory BBA 2012

ID 523208

Patrick Yoon

ID 464300


Emory BBA; strategic thinker, effective communicator, crowd winner, project streamliner, answer finder.

ID 437301


MBA student in HHL Germany; Exchange in Emory Goizueta; Launched 4 iOS apps; Managed 7 iOS apps; Strong technology and business experience

ID 407356

Meghann Timmins

Recent Emory grad looking to use communication and organizational skill set in start up setting

ID 417340

Alison Daube

Wide-Spectrum Adventurist Chemist

ID 538251

Shin-he Yu

Emory BA, non-profit management and leadership experience, determined learner, looking for business experience

ID 273354

Laura Findley

A member of the Technology Association of Georgia, Laura Findley is an experienced management and sales professional.

ID 286781

Kirk Hadley

ID 376534

Jason Wade

Founder Campus Cabby, studied business and marketing at Purdue University (BS-2007), and work within the AT&T healthcare client group as a mobility specialist.

ID 273483

Bradley Clement

Graduate Emory in May; start up experience; Excel Whiz, SQL, R; Experience w/ Data Analysis, Email Marketing, Business Development, Event Planning, and Adwords

ID 552927

Nathan Jones

Senior at Morehouse College. Two summers in trading at Goldman Sachs decided to take a more hands on approach to finance, with The Village Micro Finance Fund

ID 470719

J.L. Williams

Skilled Content Writer/Editor. Strong Marketing Background. Forward thinker/Content Marketer.

ID 60021

Glenn Bachman


President at Bachman International LTD

ID 108749

Sheehan Toufiq

Founder at @eventluv, Computer Science Student at @georgia-state-university University.

ID 98255

Brandon Connor

CoFounder & CPO @skloo-mobile & @AUCTheOtherGuys (Social Media Marketing Arm) @morehouse-college '12

ID 506058

David O'Brien

Founder GBE InterActive, LLC • Founder of & Reel Time Movie Preview; novelist; screenwriter; television writer; cartoonist; Studied at @pennsylvania-state-university

ID 584599

Adam Hofman

CEO @red-truck-ventures-llc Founder Ghostrite • Worked at @bitcoin-magazine • Studied at @iowa-state-university

ID 338200

Paul Lizon

TixSameDay Co-Founder

ID 288163

Sarah Gray

Masters student at SCAD; Worked at Strong marketing, branding, and public relations background

ID 483922

Ian Mathews

Avid study of web technologies, motivated, looking for opportunities

ID 345859

Brittany Winn

ID 640076

Lupetu Tshibengabo

Georgia State MBA, US Navy Veteran, Successfully launched and operated a startup in five African cities, looking for a new challenge in innovation.

ID 442312

Ryan Erickson

Founder of The Mobile Menu • Worked at @alacrity-services-llc / @genesis-solutions-design • PMP • BA @gonzaga-university, MBA @georgia-state-university

ID 109713

Balaji Sundararajan

Member - Engineering Leadership Team at Sling Media

ID 250317

Kevin Sandlin

Founder @c_d8a my 7th startup, a pivot from deductmor July '13. More failures than success; 1 IPO, 2 acquisitions. Problem fixer, get it done, I speak tech.

ID 632328

Christopher Kenrick

Web & Graphic Designer / Data Analyst

ID 531702

Kaya Deng

ID 192751

Marinna Hanzlick

Marinna Hanzlick currently functions as a paralegal with Owen, Gleaton, Egan, Jones & Sweeney, LLP, a legal firm operating in Atlanta, Georgia

ID 71515

Ryan Dancey

MMO Marketing Expert

ID 453596

Peter Alcock

CEO of Velo Inc. Hacker, snowboarder, morning person. Studied business @BU. Worked @visikard as Director of Infrastructure

ID 118343

Proper Cursive

Proper Cursive is the interactive design & development studio of Ryan Watkins-Hughes.

ID 364844

Jordan Sherer

ID 361786

Austin Queen

Founder of MYebrary Inc. First profitable company at 16. Second company at 19, produced $300k in annual revenue w/ $5k initial capital. BS in Finance from FSU.

ID 315015

Mark Davies


Oracle/PeopleSoft Field Sales trained- 6 Years, last 5+ years hired to help company establish field sales team that went from 30M-150M in sales, MBA from William & Mary, 1M dollar+ deal experience closing 33 net new transactions with Fortune 500

ID 36139

Jefferson McCree

ID 115619


CEO of Dlanor LLC, Strong Business background. Started a profitable successful design firm

ID 119589

Benn Wineka

Entertainment editor at Eidé Magazine

ID 234350

Clint Jarvis

Founder @gottagolf and @uwont-com. Auburn Grad.

ID 31116

Dwayne Ford

Founder & CIO @brilliance-labs. Hacker, coder, finance enthusiast, football (soccer) and trance junkie! Looking to change how the world interacts with data.

ID 59671



Investor in @suniva, @akimbo.

ID 87678

Bora Ercan

Creative Producer. 1st production company startup. Strong film & science background. Reaching to new media markets.

ID 407796

Mike Martin

ID 209918

Lauren Lester

Founder @i21education

ID 416555

John Cowhig Jr

Enjoyed an awesome year working at a startup called TripLingo. Now working to become a well rounded and capable software engineer and startups are good for those who don't mind the extra risk. My interests are biology, technology, and startups that inv

ID 99609

Zeeshan Khan

Student Entrepreneur, founded 3x startups; Took the first company from 1 store to 5 stores with almost $450K in revenue as a sophmore. Super Mobile Designer.

ID 311802

Michael Rampey

Nuclear Engineer and Inventor Currently in the developmental stage are several prototypes that could have a profound effect on the way we live our lives.

ID 305174

Michelle Yi

ID 381235

William Madison

A strong Family man and Avid Tech Junkie, in short...I'm a nerd. #TeamDaBruhz ΩΨΦ 8SP05OZ

ID 321343

Laura Mejia

ID 280239

Pranav Patel

Worked at @maya-group @safelystay @ourupgrade

ID 222800

Alyssa Gruber

Sales Coordinator at VIP Tour Group, strong customer serivce background, excellent communication and computer skills.

ID 336779

Jeremy Young

Head of Programming Board Member NBTV

ID 535453

Michael McGlon

Successful Entrepreneur with years of start-up experience, Sales Guru, Imaginative Thinker, with tremendous work ethic.

ID 472921

Michael Antonoff

Extensive experience as an IT leader across various industries. Strongly focused around the concepts of Lean and Agile development.

ID 318870

Thomas Housley

ID 183645

Eric Lent

Mr. Eric Lent is a proven senior manager and a visionary marketing executive who has successfully served a number of powerhouse companies.

ID 229241

Peter Cellino

Founder, Bob the Bartender • Studied at @villanova-university, @new-york-law-school

ID 578479

Molly Proffitt

Founder Ker-Chunk Games • Worked at @thrust-interactive, @assyria-game-studios • Studied at @savannah-college-of-art-design

ID 212994

Corey Towe

Founder Hands On Test

ID 601334

Gowon Patterson

Full stack web developer, Michigan State Spartan MSEE, Tech Analyst at Norfolk Southern

ID 322451

andrew sims

biz dev consultant @changerocket. Product driven entrepreneur. experienced biz dev/sales in mobile apps, software, and digital products. #LoveAnalytics and #Scalability

ID 324673

Marcus Cannady

ID 347227

Steve Korn

A business leader and private investor, Steve Korn works as a senior advisor and member of the Investment Committee for SV Investment Partners.

ID 628152

Zach Kayne

ID 497862

RebelRespec Apparel

Founder RebelRespec Apparel • Professional basketball (Europe) 8yrs. The Mortgage industry: Bank of America, Owned an online store;. Studied at @auburn-university

ID 402062

Don Potter

Miami University Grad. Brandeis School of Law. J.D. Candidate 2014.

ID 36869

Samuel Solomon

Founder & Host @signal-tower. Interactive Producer @red-square-agency. Former marketer at @drchrono and @crowdfunder-com. Graduate from @the-starter-league.

ID 159484

Daven Baptiste

Founder of College GO GO. Been an entrepreneur since High School. Won Crowd Fav @startupweekend San Diego, Father, Writer, Superhero

ID 412714

Wayne Pugh

Founder Ad Lyft • Worked at @washington-legal-foundation, @american-institute-for-economic-research • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 573706

Nachiket Kumar

UI Designer and front-end developer. Co-founder of Curri. Background in Graphic Design and Natural Sciences.

ID 527116

Blaine Casanave

Strategy & Ops Consultant. Strong business background. Worked at Deloitte Consulting and UBS Investment Bank. Passionate about engagement.

ID 369208

Adam McFarland

Morehouse BS, Creative Powerhouse, Political Animal

ID 234393

Lantre Barr

ID 606044

Taylor McCleod

Worked at @dinsmore-and-shohl-llp, @shenzhen-education-bureau • Studied at @morehouse-college

ID 232682



Not your typical banker type

ID 11305

Drew Morris

I make things and speak about the web, technology and new ideas.

ID 376465


deadicated software programmer

ID 120959

Jonathan Toler

Online Product Manager with a focus on Mobile, Social Media, and E-commerce.

ID 251924

Jon Schmidt

MBA Candidate 2013, RPCV Bulgaria 09-11, Global Fellow Ulaanbaator, Mongolia. Marketing, Tourism, Social Media, emerging markets.

ID 611772

Hayley Bosch

SMU BA. Associate Editor at Forbes Travel Guide.

ID 144677

James Wright

Worked at @audiencepoint, @teledini

ID 181376

Mario Suffren

Global Mktg Project Manager, Solid experience developing global brand strategies and implementing new platforms through Innovation. Coca-Cola Growth Mktg Exp.

ID 190841

Kirsten Ott Palladino

Founder of Equally Wed and Equally Family. Repeat guest on CNN. Strong journalism background. Studied at @university-of-georgia, @kennesaw-state-university

ID 553492

Mark Rice


ID 436355

Tony Lynn

Multifaceted, resourceful technology professional with a distinguished career building world class technology environments and teams. Experience in building teams from the ground up in start-ups to re-factoring well established teams in public companies.

ID 246043

Jon Thompson

Enterprise learning architect looking to apply learning 3.0 tech & strategies to help the enterprise maximize collaboration and productivity through motivation.

ID 185929

Will McGinnis

Works at @predikto • M.S. Mechanical Engineering at @auburn-university

ID 526743

Anita Iyer

A business professional with 4 years of marketing experience seeking an internship in a growing company.

ID 408508

Louisa Kamau

Small Business Staffing Specialist

ID 434711

Sean Madrid

ID 73973

Brandon Cooper

Founder of AphidByte & WDITT

ID 277147

John Peltier

John Peltier is a product manager and product marketer who develops, grows and markets solutions to business problems that real users and buyers experience.

ID 481161

John Kramer


Customer centric, Passionate, calculated risk taker. Investing in companies that are molding our future.

ID 357522

Sheryar Lakhani

Investment Banking Analyst

ID 536587

John Nystrom

Full stack Software Engineer with product management, mentoring, and management experience. Involved in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle.

ID 582734

Elizabeth Hutton

Emory Law Student; IP enthusiast; University of Florida Valedictorian; experience in IP and Internet law

ID 485879

Ronnia Cherry

W* Founder & Director. Idea whisper & creative goddess (in training). Known for waking people up in the middle of their dreams, to go out & make them come true.

ID 225637

Peter Zeskind

B.S in Agribusiness, Strong analytic skills in a team based environment, Fast learning curve, Sales Manager at Power Home Remodeling Group, Avid Volunteer

ID 623176

Debi Starnes Atlanta

Dr. Debi Starnes has helped clients evaluate and implement a variety of programs designed to improve health and safety in communities.

ID 79041

Jacob Little

CEO of @organic-thinker. A startup focusing in innovative mobile solutions within the education and medical space.

ID 544510

Brooke Creef

User-centered designer obsessed with ubiquitous computing, aka Internet of Things.

ID 392089

Sarah A. Newton

Strategic consulting Med Device PM; #dhealth/#mHealth junkie; Innovative startup follower; Seasoned EHR consultant; 4+ yrs in healthcare industry; @UNH 11' alum

ID 157028

Kevin Hawke

Digital marketer with over 15 years experience successfully delivering strategic solutions to drive results for products and brands.

ID 585898

Matt Fazio, PMP

Sr Project and Program Management professional with extensive experience in traditional and Agile methodologies, change management, and risk assessment.

ID 337692

Alex Schieken

ID 159326

Jim Canfield

Former VP of sales at @headhunter-net and @knowledgestorm, helping grow both companies from early stage to exit.

ID 551693

Christina Crumbley

Worked at @approyo • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 86759

Angela Daniels

Sr. Manager, Enterprise Applications

ID 189897

Lina George

Lina George is a creative and dedicated human resources executive who brings to the table more than 20 years of experience.

ID 367488

Scotty Pepper

ID 543999

Christopher Gladney, MBA

Recent MBA graduate and experienced marketing professional seeking employment opportunities in New York City area

ID 410852

Sylvia Rhodes

A Social Entrepreneurship Model.

ID 174796

Shane Dobes

Since founding his company in 2008, Shane Dobes has provided clients in a variety of industries with creative services including website and logo design.

ID 329701

Maurice Oguejiofor

Founder Power of 3 Management a start-up marketing consulting company. The invisible hand behind small businesses

ID 387700

Casey Ernstes

Jack-of-all-trades litigation paralegal, charity event co-founder, and writer - fluent in Spanish and the language of changing lives.

ID 515393

Vic Lion

Founder The Scarsdale Group • Worked at @real-estate • Studied at @michigan-state-university

ID 530597

Chuks Erinne

Founder, ANKCARA Marketplace • Studied at @portland-state-university

ID 277981

Justin Moorhead

Recent graduate at Auburn University. Worked at a congressional office and a small startup.

ID 550518

Emily Richardson

Studied at @auburn-university

ID 203040

Daniel Kosmala

Media & Marketing @radical-mentoring • Worked @freelance-marketing, @auburn-university-1 • Studied at @auburn-university

ID 126365

Kenny Quinlan

Aspiring Entrepreneur. Recent graduate from Auburn University with a degree in Economics. Worked previously at Kinsale Capital and ESBL Sports Management.

ID 173605

Glynn Servy

Worked at @auburn-university-1 • Studied at @auburn-university

ID 649154

Jonathan Chang

ID 579035

Aaron Zeanah

Eager Product Manager looking to join ambitious company on the rise. Former Start-Up Product Manager.

ID 52371

Ray Hiltbrand


BS Computer Engineering @auburn. Currently Director of Engineering. Skilled in Systems Engineering, Infrastructure Services, Virtualization, and Cloud.

ID 220425

Lee Jaffe

Fearless sales executive with senior-level management and line experience Significant sales & sales leadership exp in digital for start ups and Fortune 500.

ID 318933

Vick Bouloute

Founder of Miyou. Second start-up. Strong UI/UX background and business development skills

ID 557502

Gowtham Penematsa

MS in CS from University of Georgia; Looking to develop my skills as well as attain new ones as I progress.

ID 307170

Pamela Dubin Beaty

ID 528004

April Sonsona

Experienced in-house brand SM manager, building infrastructure, CRM & corporate advocacy. Turns technical data into plain communications & integrates into marketing.

ID 99174

Michael Fuller

Chief Operating Officer at CRE Secure LLC, an online payments security company

ID 316550

Monique Johnson

Drifting Away from Ordinary Online Videos | Videopreneur |

ID 565973

Sam Lawrence

problem solver.

ID 359162

Clifford Koutsky

More than 20 years of solid global business development experience, working with Fortune 500 clients. Skilled at leading diverse intercultural teams.

ID 291558

Andrew Szymke

Clemson EE; 6+ years as regional sales manager US for a medical device manufacture; IP Law experience in research and patents.

ID 551934

Zhuo Li

Co-founder of Tax Exchange. Working at Airwatch by VMWare.

ID 286050

Kay Lamar

Dynamic, high-integrity energetic, accomplished Business professional with extensive background in administration, business analysis and operations.

ID 246428

Kristen Hard

Founder/CEO @cacao-atlanta-chocolate-co • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina; Founding partner of FCIA; Partner of CoE.

ID 361416

Amanda LaRiviere

ID 521605

Jagdish Saripella

Passionate mechanical engineer with a masters degree from RIT . Worked at Zuti Engineering helping them establish a prototyping lab.

ID 204842

Spencer Broome

Studied at @clemson. Well-rounded marketer. Strong communication & account management background.

ID 428910

Celeste Johnson

Studied at @clark-atlanta-university, @university-of-georgia

ID 313789

Christopher Johnson

CEO & Founder of DrivenWorks. First Startup. IT Background. BS Degree in Computer Information Systems in 2007.

ID 375066


Junior web developer with a desire to make an impact in technology.

ID 415522

Jami McNear

#Innovative 26 year old turns speeding ticket into a new product for #students: #Design #Creative #Marketing #ResultsDriven #SocialMedia

ID 325954

William Whitaker


Investment Analyst at Gray Ghost Ventures

ID 539638

Charles Fowler

B2B & B2C Marketing; startup management; revenue generator - top sales guy! Software, healthcare, legal services, data breach security, identity theft - fraud prevention and remediation.

ID 65207

Ben Turnipseed

Project Manager

ID 129180

K. Anne Harper

Creative Director & UI Designer - Experienced in Mobile Application Design, Visual Design, Adobe Creative Suite, UI/UX Design, Typography and User Flows for Fortune 500 clients and tech startups.

ID 34377

Michel Fontaine


Founded, Bystat Inc (Canada) Successful exit. Founded Commerce Science Corporation, sold recently. Founded TransacXion Technologies Corp.

ID 72208

Coby Bryant

Founding member of @couptap. Co-founder of @relativeapps.

ID 421523

Chuck Morgan

HR Software Junky, love being involved in client implementations, get excited with new innovations, not a technical nerd, but an educated strategist

ID 201819

Omoalukhe A. Omo-Abu

Founder 'Ndepndnt Koncptz Networks • Studied at @georgia-state-university, @florida-institute-of-technology

ID 431732

Patrick McElroy

Operational expert, fully versed in business operations, customer service and business planning in retail and nonprofit management.

ID 284264

sivapriya kaza

Lead Engineer at Brivas Technologies. MS in Artificial Intelligence with strong image processing skills

ID 187919


Founder StockClout

ID 528952

Terrence O'Connor

Worked at @akamai, Product Management, Market Delivery • Studied at @louisiana-state-university

ID 378123

Mahmoud Abouelnasr

ID 457822

Kirk Williams

Founder Atlantis Surface, @communic8-llc • Worked at @hewlett-packard, @lucent-technologies • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 424254

Christian Boggs

Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 345502

Sasha Williams

“Jack of All Trades”. While my main focus is sales and marketing, I can tackle more than a few things in between. I have a gift for creating engaging content that gives value to customers and desires to create strong, lasting relationships. As a Growth A

ID 621752

Judd Asbill

Multi-talented individual in Operations Management, Event Management, Project Management, Distribution, Logistics

ID 111708

Stefan Lewinger

Creator/Co-Founder of SockFancy. A Reluctant entrepreneur with a background in marketing and eCommerce. UGA 2011.

ID 612879

Sharief Selim

Worked at @manhattan-associates • Studied at @university-of-iowa

ID 650358

Leland Patterson

Seventeen years experience designing and coordinating visual arts projects from thumbnail design to client acceptance.

ID 83179

Terry D. Kennedy

Current Initiative -- Follow “Next Fitness Wave of this Millennium” Balance Walking. Say confidently with 40yrs in the health/fitness business, competition and mentoring countless.

ID 391028

Kevin Mobolade

Mercer University BBA, Co-founder of a cyber security company, and I love problem solving so much I started a consulting club.

ID 474993

Matt Sander

@yourwalque, Multiple exits with ROI as high as 600%. Both technology and consumer goods experience. Multiple startups with equal success and failure.

ID 641442

david hunt

Full Stack Web Developer, Arizona State Entrepreneur, and Texas born developer and innovator passionate about UI/UX, social responsibility, and productivity.

ID 422136

Bryan Wetzel

COO of Skubes. Expert in digital video with a film degree. Has 14 national awards in the industry of film, video & advertising. Twenty-year entreprenuer.

ID 202178

Sy Kingsada

Founder @coldface • Studied at @university-of-south-carolina

ID 574749

Justin Lee

JD Student at the Walter F. George School of law; Experience with business and law.

ID 153718

Luke McKeever

ID 328644

Royce Baptist

Founder of Knotacle. Business Student at The University of Georgia. Worked at Apple.

ID 152131

Brad Heather Rudloff

ID 583123

Annick Huber

Co-Founder Ker-Chunk Games • Studied at @savannah College of Art & Design, worked on TV show 'Chozen' & 'The Walking Dead Social Game' on Facebook

ID 221151

Daniel Gibbons

ID 259295

Kyle O'Rourke

Wake Forest University Business degree, deep understanding of institutional trading, experience in sales, marketing, prospecting, and business development.

ID 286692

Jeremiah Baxter

Founder of (Connecting People to the Professionals in the Entertainment Industry) Web Developer / Designer.

ID 209925

Nick Wellmon

ID 143870

Aaron Edelheit


CEO of The American Home. Managed the Sabre Value Fund for 12 years prior, Video overview

ID 392011

Troy Nunnally

Ph.D. Visualization Engineer from GA Tech.

ID 636092

Matt Paige

Talented telecommunications professional focused on process improvement and on-time project delivery. Advanced knowledge of IP engineering principles.

ID 293114

Joey Blossom

Product Manager of Mobile Apps at Parkmobile. Startup experience. Well versed in business and software development.

ID 77463

Andrea Batticani

1st start-up EMDEA in 1st year of college. Master in Innovation&Technologies Mngmt. 2nd startup about to @launch. Looking forward to meet investors.

ID 345157

Ryan Ostolski

MBA Grad, GE IT Leadership Program Graduate, IT Leader

ID 287781

Amy Armstrong

Founder @quietnite. Enterprenuer and Investor with track record of success in sales. Linkedin-

ID 214209

Shawn Webster

Founder Creative Movers Job Board, Founder/President of Creative Movers, Inc, a boutique recruiting company excelling in Creative Jobs and Industries.

ID 378384

Anthony Happeny

Entrepreneurial minded sales and planning professional

ID 562526

Hunter Meyer

Founder MonthlyStash, @jrdevjobs-com • Worked at Mercury Payment Systems, @sundrop-mobile, @listen360 • Studied at @university-of-central-florida

ID 635049

Elizabeth Hammock

Founder Traderous • Worked at @bfg-communications, @rj-reynolds-tobacco • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 523390

Amit Vyas

Worked at @novell, @core-education-consulting-services • Studied at @birla-institute-of-technology-and-science

ID 396606

Alex Hendeshot

Innovation is independence!

ID 199662

Santiago Venegas

ID 104462

Andrew Barnhart

Co-founder of @menumize Systems Consultant at @riskonnect

ID 358434

Patrick Clements

CEO of SherpaDesk. Started first company Micajah ITS out of college. Strong sales and partnership development skills

ID 316469

Chase Pursley

Founder @appraisal-flow, a tool for appraisers.

ID 373800

Nick Weinberg

Founder @aisle-5

ID 73631


Founder of Southern Summer; mobile app consulting/advisory firm. Strong financial background. Structured, motivating, and creative.

ID 263745

Josh Gary

UI Design, Web design, Typography, Illustration; created World Aids Day campaign at Museum of Design Atlanta.

ID 322113

Dustin Boyer

Booking Agent and Artist Manager at Hubbub! Music; Marketing Degree from Georgia State University

ID 92754

Anita Fong

Marketing and Design Lead @ @eggplanter. Formerly at Portman Holdings and Wavee.

ID 241993

Nijil Kuruvilla

Founder @913-ventures • Worked at @morgan-keegan-co, @university-of-georgia-1 • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 492896

Will Blackburn

Founder @keen-6 • Studied at @university-of-alabama

ID 175671

Katie Hingerty

Since 2010, Katie Hingerty has served as Managing Attorney at The Hingerty Law Firm, LLC, which specializes in criminal law and personal injury cases.

ID 564798

Tyler Faby

Working on JuiceCar. Finance + Creativity for a drastically cleaner tomorrow.

ID 471854


Founder ILLUM CLOTHING • Studied at @university-of-georgia

ID 104461

Jordan Kukler

Co-Founder of @menumize

ID 458841

Amer Haddad

Founder @atmosphere-management-solutions • Studied at @southern-polytechnic-state-university

ID 29309

Amy Leefe

Online Marketing Professional. Digital marketing consultant,

ID 407292

Michael Hagel


Experience Designer and Entrepreneur looking to engage with high-potential ventures where I can contribute expertise as well as funding.

ID 615739

Madison Jill Miller

Studied Marketing & Economics at @college-of-charleston, @fashion-institute-of-technology. Branding/Consultanting, Stratedgy, Marketing, Social Media.

ID 532726

Josh Whitlock

ID 591641

Joshua Tenerowicz

Relocating to Atlanta. Looking for a career where I can learn something new daily and continue to perfect skills in business.

ID 98102

Sri Kalapala

Studied Biology at @west-virginia-university

ID 163562

Bridget C Lewis

Founder @workplace-learning-solutions • Worked at @intercontinental-hotels-group • Studied at @university-of-phoenix, @mercer-university

ID 309926

Lauren Peters

Founder at Vého; contracting service and user experience strategist; startup groupie.

ID 88117

Ade Swinger

Entrepreneur at 15 in NYC. Interned at ClickRadio in early 2000s. Strong Finance and Business Strategy background. BS in Electrical Engineering.

ID 61929

Toby Adibe

42Kmi Founder/CEO. Inventor, Student, Entrepreneur, Future Doctor, God

ID 267241

Kiley Dorton

Helped start ACT Bridge (acquired by ACT, Inc.). Director of Technology & Innovation. Lead Product Development for our Web and Mobile Applications.

ID 361336

Moises Lomas

UX/UI Designer and Developer; Working on large scale, high transaction volume, web app

ID 439035

Shakar T Atlan

Founder Colluide • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 600773

Phillip Qualls

Founder @wecare-card • EVP/GM Prepaid at @first-data-corporation, @money-network • Studied at @university-of-memphis

ID 429942

Eboné Smiley

Stella & Dot stylist. Chief Smile Officer. Social Brainstormer. GA Peach via Cali/Belgium/Germany

ID 651852

Eartha S. Petersen

A "creative" & a Communications Guru with an entrepreneurial-spirit. Skilled in Strategy & Biz Sales. Worked for Pres. Clinton & at a Fortune15 company - AT&T.

ID 415553

Jennifer Damis

I am not a unicorn just an experienced digital marketer, project manager and experience designer. I have worked for a start up, corporate and government sector.

ID 286757

Johnny Lawrence

17 years sales/business development, creative mind, no mountain to tall, passionate meets adventure all in one.@logodex @www-labhat-com

ID 252863

Aimee Muyres

Why is it that in Hollywood you get paid $50000 for a kiss and $.50 for your soul?

ID 195813

Charles B Pekor

Studied at @georgia-state-university. Owner at Pekor and Associates.

ID 464176

JP Seral

Work at @BLiNQMedia. Previously studied at @MarquetteU.

ID 622210

Andy Ford, CTO

Worked at @kiseguro • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 493019

Daniel Kim

Worked at @keen-6 • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 398879

David K. Whitlock

Plays well with cars. ATL

ID 288504

Luke Bennett

A.B. English at UGA; UI/UX Design for websites & iPhone; customer service expert.

ID 100141

Dave Black

Ex @apple sol. architect, and Thingsly CEO. Product Management, Design Thinking facilitation with hi-fidelity prototyping, and full-stack MVP development.

ID 202104

Ayush Shrestha

PhD student at Georgia State University doing information visualization. Also worked as system admin and software developer.

ID 39374

Muhammad M. Hameed

African ICT Fellow, Strategic development, Development manager. Business research analyst, early stage startups, founding team member, U.S. and Africa tech.

ID 631165

F. Ozge Ozturk, MBA, LSSBB

Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management,

ID 599148

Jack Bloom

Super-sarcastic designer, I run on root-beer & dark chocolate.

ID 552908

David Gray

Founder Availendar • Worked at @blazetrak-1 • Studied at @hampden-sydney-college

ID 536065

kim weldon

Top notch developer, hits the ground running, success after success.

ID 641526

Patrick Keller

Looking for an entry level job or internship in the fields of human resources, IT, or other communication related position.

ID 480768

Joseph A Yaccarino

Marketing & International Business - University of Georgia; Integrated Marketing Communications at Lorenzo de' Medici; Worked at BSRO and Storific.

ID 204438

Ravdeep Hora

ID 425175

Tricia Lloyd

Ten Year Customer Service Expertise.

ID 131658

James Martin

@bard-college College (graduated in 3 yrs), worked at @cbs marketing dept., marketing consulting for Aiir (mobile app co.), Co-founder of @yopima

ID 487217

Tess Vismale

CMP | Digital Event Strategist | Conference Center Manager | Sustainability | Event Execution

ID 485037

Nick Stephan

Chief Content Officer/Part Owner @EquitiesLab. Owner of Born In MI Raised In GA. #Falcons #Braves and #Hawks.

ID 277542

Carlos Romero

Founder Ikohaus • Worked at @skyview-digital-satellite-tv, @cellularvision • Studied at @pratt-institute

ID 333328

Gil Greenberg

Founder, community manager, and web developer @syphra-llc

ID 186421

Justin Simkavitz


Worked at @message-technologies-inc • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 490039

John Aiken

Researcher at Georgia Tech; interested in how people interact with technology and how the analytics provided by those interactions.

ID 142869

Stephen F Been

Stephen F. Been, CEO of real estate development and construction firm Legacy Communities LLC.

ID 153401

Aaron Coles

Studied at the University of Georgia, founder of Carlyle Industrial Advertising, currently the Director of Marketing for FONM.

ID 491833

Crystal Mosley

SPSU BS Software Engineer, advanced in QA and Project Management

ID 642588

Brandon Hopewell

ID 475195

Griffith Knoop

CS Major at Georgia State University, HTML and CSS generalist

ID 572980

Luke Thornton

Luke Thornton - Graphic Designer

ID 428345

Ryan Baker

Current financial analyst; intellectually curious; driven; problem solver. Interested in immersion in startup knowledge/experience

ID 416299

Ryan Reid

ID 490015

Jody Flournoy

ID 365115

Javon M. Curvan

Business Development Manager at ThyssenKrupp Elevator. Highly motivated and top performing sales executive with proven history of business development success.

ID 539449

Nilay Patel Atlanta

Trained in information technology investment management and information systems, Nilay Patel has brought value to the private and public sectors.

ID 218647

Emily M. Reinecke

Student Brand Manager at @Red Bull • Studying PR at @georgia State

ID 607279

Erica Treadwell

ID 564513

Colin Poe

Nonprofit Organization Management Professional with a passion for sustainable marketing, messaging ,strategic partnerships and account management.

ID 204556

Aura-Leigh Sanders Jenkins

Founder @meadowgroup-consulting • Worked at @taleo, @ihg • Studied at @american-intercontinental-university

ID 540469

Marcus P. Curry

ID 518419

Nick Frame


I make complex expected-value decisions based on incomplete information for large sums of money using game theory, decisions trees, statistics/probabilities.

ID 365071

Matthew Tompkins

6+ years of Video/Broadcasting experience, 2+ years of Music Business experience, seeking position where I can utilize business skills and creativity.

ID 160130

Patrick Evans

Founder @chatmongers • Contractor at @grindr • Worked at @backcountry-com • Studied at University of Georgia, -

ID 472938

james hobson

Small business owner, software designer, & entrepreneur. Jack of all trades working in North Atlanta looking for my next opportunity.

ID 126618

Trevor Chamberlain

Software Exec with experience in Ops, Sales, Marketing, and BD. Worked and advised at numerous startups which have been acquired by the likes of CA, IBM, etc

ID 629566

Mike Phillips

Visionary Leader/Sales Process Engineering/Solution Sales/Relationship Building/team building/Web/Mobile/Cloud

ID 285021

JT Brumby

See linkedin page

ID 596850

Sim Kolev

ID 331336

John Holland

Kick-ass designer. Owner and Senior Designer of John Holland Creative. BA at Georgia State. Strong Design Background. Large agency and small studio experience.

ID 561793

Menelik Zafir

Worked at @delta-airlines, @department-of-treasury-irs • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 576128

Caroline Howatt

Recent UGA Grad, Metrics Driven, Relationship Oriented, Young Atlanta Professional

ID 321691

Ryan Kinskey

Launched a new product line for SaaS company and built out 2 sales offices

ID 233284

Callie McConnell

Graduate from UGA May 2012 Associate Product Manager at IgnitionOne •Work with internal teams and clients to translate user needs into product features •Help define and document features for the software engineering teams to develop by writing Product De

ID 249192

Kayla Brown

Worked at @red-bull, @liquified • Studied at @georgia-state-university

ID 174453

Mark Herlan

A follower of Major League Soccer and FIFA competition, Mark Herlan was interested in watching the men’s and women’s competitions at the 2012 London Olympics.

ID 193890

Kyrah Ayers

Founder @profeticlyrics • Worked at @california-music-industry-summit, @city-of-oakland-parks-and-recreation • Studied at @california-state-university-fresno

ID 118914

Jamison Chase

Business Analyst at @nexidia

ID 511111

Haley Gardner

Copywriter well versed in branding, 360 advertising and social media. Agency and in house experience. Works for Google, but seeking post-contract work.

ID 398932

Kristie Bylos

Work @clickdimensions

ID 543866

Kyle Heddon

Passionate full stack Web Developer.

ID 372400

Marcus Owens

Customer, Project and Product Management Swiss Army Knife -- Put me in the middle of technology, the customer, and execution.

ID 87948

Carnell Lee

ID 644810

Courtney Bortle