Atlanta Startups List

Young and energetic city with incredible transportation connections.
Atlanta is a great place for consumer E-Commerce! We like to say "git r done".

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ID 456576

Brad Harrison

Attorney. Specializes in IP and technology law and general commercial law.

ID 462288

Philip Semprevio II

Law, business, science and technology background. Skilled at analysis, strategy and execution. Law degree in tech commercialization. Cornell undergrad.

ID 189897

Lina George

Lina George is a creative and dedicated human resources executive who brings to the table more than 20 years of experience.

ID 190386

Jane Okpala

Worked at @cooley, @cravath-swaine-moore-llp • Studied at @university-of-georgia, @yale-law-school

ID 641719

Fabrice Saint-Elie

Adaptable, enterprising, self-directed professional.4 yrs experience in complex business transactions, contract management, project planning, program management

ID 509293

Lauren Gersny

JD Emory; BSBA University of Florida

ID 265661

Doug MacGinnitie

Prior to becoming commissioner, MacGinnitie worked in numerous high-level positions for several corporations and law firms throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

ID 429195

Jay Wa

CEO of @setmeup

ID 566948

Steven Lang

Corporate Attorney

ID 206017

Stephen Labriola

Studied at New York University (NYU) School of Law. Partner at Fellows LaBriola LLP.

ID 611105

Nick Foreste

Co-Founder of SaleHoot • Worked at @jones-day • Law and Business at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-georgia

ID 582734

Elizabeth Hutton

Emory Law Student; IP enthusiast; University of Florida Valedictorian; experience in IP and Internet law

ID 543477

Ed Howden

Studied at @emory-university, @georgia-state-university

ID 901

Wayt King


Founder N2 Broadband; Attorney @atlanta Tech Village and Atlanta startups; Investor @Last Minute Tee Times; Studied @georgia Tech and @UGA Law

ID 600955

A. Jarrod Jenkins

Litigator with a JD/MPA from UGA; UNC undergrad; Federal law clerk experience; IAPP member; Studying for CIPM certificate; Transportation and privacy focused

ID 564832

James Reeves

University of Georgia Law school graduate with a professional background in sales.

ID 162733

David M. Walker, Esq.

ID 392284

Rohun Hulyalkar

With a dual major in economics and French at Stanford University, Rohun Hulyalkar has spent the past three years immersed in a vast array of academic.

ID 519440

Stephen Scriber

Duke Law Grad, Practicing Attorney, Looking to Join or Launch Startup

ID 398446

Blaine W. Lindsey, JD, MPH

CEO @GetHealthyInc; Founder @CapraHealth; Former BD @Healthcare_ABC; JD/MPH @Emory

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